Monday, April 28, 2014

a quick report

I have been mastered,
I have received my medicine.
My skin stings,
The marks are hiding beneath pyjamas.
back, thighs, bottom are bruised and stinging.
I even have a mark on my face, breath play, face slapping who knows?
I am exhausted and overwhelmed.
I was needy, now I am not...
more later...after sleep.
unknown artist


  1. Beautiful words, well understood ;) @flogginfloozie

  2. Love. Love. Love! Glad He gave you what you needed and you feel as such!

  3. WOW, sounds like quite a session. Sounds like he knows how to give you what you want and need.


  4. Brilliant, You deserved it too :)

  5. He's back, and fully in charge... Now be careful what you wish for. :)


  6. Still recovering- sore and sooky. He is ever present. Many texts as we could not be in the same place ..I am at work. Every step stings, I feel him in my muscles, the pains of movement. Is it wrong to say I think I like that.

    L x


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