Monday, March 3, 2014

the text read...

Butt Plug, 10 until 2 Please.
Panic gripped her.
Her first butt plug,
Her first time.
No panties...what if it fell out!
and she had to pick her mother up for a nice mummy - daughter lunch.
ARRRRGH..He never thought about how it would effect her!
Or did He? she wondered  
Sirs' new toy for little!


  1. I have one like that. It's purple. It won't fall out. Promise. Okay, if you don't sneeze. :) enjoy it. Hope you like it. I need to start wearing that one again. Daily. Oh yeah!

  2. I also have one like that too - a new gift this weekend. I have only worn it once and it didn't feel like it would fall out to me :)

  3. Hmmm, that looks a little 'expanding'!
    It has justed reminded me of what a garage attendant said last week when I pulled in for fuel
    "Fill her up Sir?" :)

  4. Serafina really enjoys metal pugs herself . . .


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