Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Question Month - March

So I hear March is question time. I haven't done this before and it looks like fun, asking and answering questions.

Ask anything you like. Nothing is off limits.

You can use the submit function on the right of your screen or just ask away in the comments below.


In addressing a question on bisexuality asked of her, tori over on pains pleasure answered this:
I am not naturally bisexual, i can appreciate a good looking woman and i will say as much, but I'm not sexually attracted to women, however i begrudgingly admit i get a kick out of forced bi. The times i have been with a woman, under my Masters direction, although i have not enjoyed the act itself (licking pussy ugh, receiving well heck yes!), what i did find a huge turn on is having no choice in the matter, it was simply about pleasing him..and that turns me on.
Lately, Sir D and I have been talking about my growing need to experience a woman. We have decide she must be sub to Him and assertive or dominant to me. I think that I have the same feelings about this as tori. I am not naturally bisexual, but I am aware of a fluidity in my sexuality. I joined fetlife recently in an attempt to find a female playmate...I found myself looking at Dom profiles! This told me that I am a mans girl. Whatever it is that I don't know about myself, I do know that 'I don't know what I don't know'. When or if, I experience the scent of a woman, the taste of a woman...I don't know what will happen after that ...It's anyones' guess.


  1. What is is about men and liking girl on girl lol, the woman i have been with bar one have all been submissive and i found it more difficult with the dominant woman! i think perhaps this is because as far as im concerned my submission is his and i dont like submitting to others!

    Good to see you participating in question month, my first time as

    1) 3 things that are high up on you kink to-do-list?

    2) have you tried anything thinking you would enjoy it and subsequently have not?

    3) favourite form of bondage?


    1. thanks for the questions tori. I will be back to answer them

  2. I used to think I could never be with a woman but I've grown to appreciate them in the last two years. They are definitely an acquired taste! That being said, I only like them involved if Sir is there too. Without a man involved, there seems no where to go after you are all warmed up!


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