Tuesday, March 25, 2014


So I've set up a profile on fetlife and one on Alt.com to search for a local woman with whom I can play. I have found this is very common, this search.

...in search of a sub girl to play with my Sir and I. Once off or ongoing....
This is not something I posted, but this seems to be the common gist.

In honesty I am a wimp and too shy I think to followup on this. If Sir brings someone all well and good. I am too shy to find the perfect woman.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

just know...

Just know it is your skin I want to see
your parts I want to touch
your obedience I want to encourage
promptness and enthusiasm
feeling your submissive femininity
giving yourself
finding peace
pleasing Daddy

photographer unknown


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Daddys March question


Now here is my March question:
(Source: naughtylilmonkey)
Q: Will you remember to keep your legs open for Daddy?
A: Yes Daddy...of course. :)


Monday, March 10, 2014

the experience..the plug of the butt and me

Well I have to say I wore the plug.
I wore it from 10 til 2 as instructed.
I was stimulated,
it was stimulating.
I was wet,
I was quivery and I was trying to hold it together while my mother and I had lunch.
She asked me
"Are you seeing someone?"


'I have a friend.' I said

My sphincter drew tighter around the unyielding metal of the plug. I tried to sit delicately so the plug wouldn't make a thud on the wooden chair.

I told her about Sir, my friend in the broadest of possible terms.
I told her about my realisation that I needed to be happy and if that meant that I lived a little unconventionally then that is what I would have to do.

She understood I think. She said she was in no position to pass judgement.

She just wants me to be happy.

I was very happy as the plug tickled and filled my need to be His anal slut.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Question Month - March

So I hear March is question time. I haven't done this before and it looks like fun, asking and answering questions.

Ask anything you like. Nothing is off limits.

You can use the submit function on the right of your screen or just ask away in the comments below.


In addressing a question on bisexuality asked of her, tori over on pains pleasure answered this:
I am not naturally bisexual, i can appreciate a good looking woman and i will say as much, but I'm not sexually attracted to women, however i begrudgingly admit i get a kick out of forced bi. The times i have been with a woman, under my Masters direction, although i have not enjoyed the act itself (licking pussy ugh, receiving well heck yes!), what i did find a huge turn on is having no choice in the matter, it was simply about pleasing him..and that turns me on.
Lately, Sir D and I have been talking about my growing need to experience a woman. We have decide she must be sub to Him and assertive or dominant to me. I think that I have the same feelings about this as tori. I am not naturally bisexual, but I am aware of a fluidity in my sexuality. I joined fetlife recently in an attempt to find a female playmate...I found myself looking at Dom profiles! This told me that I am a mans girl. Whatever it is that I don't know about myself, I do know that 'I don't know what I don't know'. When or if, I experience the scent of a woman, the taste of a woman...I don't know what will happen after that ...It's anyones' guess.

Monday, March 3, 2014

the text read...

Butt Plug, 10 until 2 Please.
Panic gripped her.
Her first butt plug,
Her first time.
No panties...what if it fell out!
and she had to pick her mother up for a nice mummy - daughter lunch.
ARRRRGH..He never thought about how it would effect her!
Or did He? she wondered  
Sirs' new toy for little!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

pleading the fifth

I had been in trouble again and today was the day I would be punished. I knew Local D and Daddy had conspired to ensure my punishment would have a lasting effect.

She was told to bring with her pen and paper and white chalk. She had been very attentive to her tasks in recent weeks in an attempt to redeem herself from her lack luster behaviour in completing her assignments promptly.

When she entered the room she removed her dress as instructed to reveal her knickerless bottom and her weighty breasts contained and bulging in her new bra. He reached around her and expertly unclasped the hooks. She was always amazed at how easily he could navigate his girls' attire. He could release her body from a corset with the sure hand of a Corsetier. She loved that about him. Such strong working hands as at home in dancing with the clasps and ties of delicate fabrics as with rope and chains. His hands moved with a surety and confidence she had not ever found in any man. She was pulled from her reverie by his hand on her neck, roughly bending her down.  Her naked arse faced him and she began to receive the strokes from the leather whip. The sting was phenomenal. She hated the whip. She knew the blows weren't as hard as some endure from their Boss men or women, but she was not a good pain slut. She endured it knowing that her punishment had begun. He didn't spend very long before he move to the cane, marking her arse as she counted, bracing herself for the next. Her eyes began to water, her voice wavered.

'Stand up.'

She did so, rubbing her red hot bottom and pouting just a little.

'Do you know Rule #5?'

'Yes Sir' she replied confidently. She stood naked before him. Her hands behind her back.

'Get the white chalk and your bells and come over here.'

She did as she was told promptly, pulling the nipple clamps with bells attached from their little pouch where she kept them. She walked to where he stood facing a large blank wall in the quiet room.

Her arse was still stinging from the whip and the cane.

'You say you know Rule #5.'

'Yes' and she took a sharp breath to tell him what she knew of the fifth. He silenced her before the first word left her lips.

'Yet, you have been very naughty and broken Rule #5'

'Yes Sir.'  Her eyes downcast.

'Write Rule # 5 on the wall, word for word.'

Her eyes widened as they shot up to his. The wall! The wal belonged to neither Him nor her. Her mouth made quick movement to tell him she didn't know it word for word. He stopped her again.

'You told me confidently you knew Rule #5. Now write it.'

He took each nipple in turn between his fingers pinching as he placed the clamps on them. The bells on their ends rang out.

'but...i don't know it word for word...i.. know the intent of it.' The anxiety in her rose, she knew if she didn't get it right she would be punished again. But he had never required she learned the Rules word for word. He was moving the goal posts again!

'Well I know Rule #5, now write it.' He tapped the cane sharply on her thigh.

He continued to sting her with the cane while she wrote. It was hard to think. She did her best, pleading with Him to wait, wait as he pushed her with cane and word.
Your orgasms belong to me (Sir),  she began. She hesitated all the while being pushed with the cane and every letter she wrote rang the bells.
 You will ask permission to come. if you need to come when I am not there you will seek permission. If you don't receive permission you don't come.
She knew these weren't the right words but she was confident the intent was there.

'So this is Rule #5 you think?'

The was a long pause as she wriggled and twisted, her mind turning this way and that trying to think of the best answer, the answer that would cause the least amount of pain.

'I'm sorry, I didn't hear you.' He said

'Yes' she answered in a hushed tone.

'I think we will make an amendment to the fifth. Write this.'

She wrote as he dictated. Her bells rang out and her body took the cane. He dictated each phrase slowly. Extending the time in which she received the cane.
 My CUNT belongs to Sir as all my holes do. They are for His pleasure only. I have no say in how they are used. Sir will decide when and how I receive pleasure. This is NOT negotiable.
The day continued to be an exercise in over indulgence. The girl was chained and roped, gagged and restrained. She was made to come for his pleasure time and again. He did not stop even when she begged him. Even when she was a puddled mess at his feet he made her come. All her holes were used time and again. She could see the ever present Rule #5 in her own hand as she was made to come almost against her will again and again. She couldn't stop it. He was in control of her orgasms. She was learning where her pleasure lay. It rested with Him. It was nowhere else. He could give it and she was learning, He could take it away. She was learning that sometimes, there is too much of a good thing.

When she left the room that day, her lesson was learned and Rule #5 remained on the wall for others to see.

author - little (paragraph 1), Sir as dictated to little (Paragraph 2).
Photography  and edit- little, Lighting - Sir