Monday, February 17, 2014

The Abduction of Lily White

I was contacted by Piper Channing as I'm sure a few of this readership were also. The author invited me to download her erotic fiction short story from amazon. I took up the challenge and here's what I found. Note, as you read my appraisal, I am not a writer or student of literature.

A short story only 44 pages which plays to the imagination of the sub-girl looking for a forceful Dom. Fantasies of being coerced to participate in 'almost' non consensual sex. A rape fantasy at its core, the scoundrel hero is a strong and forceful man who abducts our heroine making her dreamed fantasies a reality. He further saves her from a greater evil. (Spoilers so I won't reveal the rest).

Simple, quick. And a bit of eroticism. I enjoyed it.

photographer unknown

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