Saturday, February 1, 2014

task complete

Well I did it!

My task that I had put off and off. Daddy gave me this task weeks ago and I delayed it for various reasons. In my naivety I forgot to tell Daddy why I was delaying it. Actually it didn't seem to me like a command until he kept mentioning it in emails, it was more hidden in discussions. I was to take a picture for Daddy.

'It has been far too long since I have seen your flesh young lady.'

I told Sir I had a task given by D and he helpfully gave some suggestions as to the content of my task.

Mentor (Daddy) never really directs outright. Instead I am supposed to be so keyed in to his needs that I am to interpret his vague wishes as command. I find that a bit tricky. Tasks are difficult to accomplish. While I want and need to do as I am told when I am told to do it, I have a life where it remains difficult to fit all this other stuff together, the D/s stuff that is. I have a partner who is always present. I rarely get time alone. I stole some time alone yesterday, even from Sir. He was good about it. He didn't make any demands. Perhaps he knows when I need some alone time.

So the deed is done and Daddy has his pictures (cc'd to Sir). Nice full round breasts, nipples firmly clamped with the bells that Sir gifted me for my birthday. This was the task for which I was punished last week as I delayed its completion. Sir agreed to administer Daddy's punishment and administer it he did! (ouch...and yum). This was followed by his own punishments for my other infractions (This I will write more on later).

Deveko 2009

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