Friday, February 21, 2014

oh me oh my.. in troube again!

I think Local D and Daddy have plotted to be more strict with me.

I am in trouble deep and like a duck on the water, I am paddling furiously underneath to keep pace with the consequences of my latest infraction.

I have, in short, broken a rule..Rule #5 of the 10 Commandments'.

Here's how it happened....

 *She looks sheepishly down as she kicks the dust with the toe of her follow-me fuck-me heels*.


She had visited the room that day and had already received several rounds of punishment for more than one earlier infraction.

Before she was even stripped of her skirt and top she was bent over his knee, her skirt was hoisted up around her waist to expose her knickerless bottom and he began to strike. 10 blows were landed with his huge hand driven by arms of which she had never known such strength. In between the each beat of her drum she recited,
When given an instruction, I will be prompt--or inform of any obstacles to my obedience right away--BEFORE HE has to ask me. As I haven't done that, please give me another.
By the end of her punishment she was breathless and dizzy and her bottom stung to the point of very painful. That was just the warm-up. She was tied and chained. Her nipples were tortured. She was gagged and her pussy was punished with the evil cane.

She enjoyed a whole day in the room under his hand and by 3 in the afternoon she fell into a deep sleep in his arms. She went into the room his bitch, bratty and rebellious. She came out his submissive lilone.

She arrived home exhausted and happy. She had been punished and loved by her Sir and knew exactly where she was positioned in their world together.

That night even in her exhaustion, she could not sleep. After a day of punishing treatment her pussy was wet and sore, her nipples were sore, her muscles were stretched and sore. As she lay in the dark listening to her husband restlessly trying to sleep she eventually drifted into heavenly rest.

She was woken from her slumber  in the wee hours with her husbands cock pushing into her arse. She was learning that she loved to be an anal slut and the stimulation of a cock in her bottom made her very wet and breathless. She loved to be woken from sleep being taken in this way. No romantic foreplay, no hearts and roses, just taken and used. She loved the feeling. What she didn't expect after she had been so unceremoniously used, was the need to cum again that so desperately filled her. She lost count of the number of times Sir had allowed her to cum that day, made her cum, demanded she cum for Him. Her own fingers and her clit were tired and very sore. She reached for her buzzy magic wand, thinking not too deeply about rule #5, it was late and Sir would not respond to her text anyway. She resolved to deal with the consequences of breaking rule #5 tomorrow and away she went, relief in her hand, her mind a buzz of naughtiness and need. Used and needy. Needing her Sir. Needing to come. Boy was she going to cop it when she told Him she had cum. In that moment she didn't care, she just needed the explosion of lust in her pelvis. She needed her thighs to quiver, her toes to curl, her breath to be expelled with force and waves of ecstasy to run though her body.

...and so she fell into a deep heavenly sleep. Cum oozing from her bottom, her pussy throbbing with pleasure.

She had taken pleasure rather than given it to Sir ..and broke Rule # 5. She was in for it!

photographer unknown


  1. Oh. That has got to be tough. What a predicament. I'm going to count my lucky stars I don't need to ask. However,, my husband and I haven't had relations in over a year, so that helps.

  2. Definitely difficult and (dare I say) maybe worth another punishment? J xx


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