Sunday, February 9, 2014


She lay on the bed in the mid summer late afternoon sun. The soothing hum of the standard fan in her bedroom relaxed her and brought her thoughts of all those summers slipped past since she was a little girl. This was one of her favourite things. The half light falling in under the almost drawn blinds to keep the heat out of her room helped in her meditation.

She lay on her stomach on the white cotton waffle blanket stretched over her bed. Her pale lilac printed peacock robe crossed loosely across her breasts allowed them to spill onto the soft surface. The gown covered only half her buttocks and her legs were spread slightly as she lay reading and writing.

He peeked into the room, she turned to look at him as he admired her buttocks and wet hair fresh from the shower. Slowly he slid his pants down and walked to where her soothing mouth was at the foot of the bed. She had always loved his cock. It was a beautiful size an shape and as he drove it slowly down her throat, she pushed her reading apparatus out of the way. His hand twisted in her hair. The girl pulled off her reading glasses and like wonder woman spinning in motion to reveal her true amazonian self, the girl was revealed as the cock worshiper she longed to be.

She swallowed his cock into her throat. She had been practicing this skill. Swallowing first the soft-firm head, followed by the shaft of the cock on offer into her throat. Deeply. Making a meal of the gift. She gagged less and less if she controlled her throat in this way.

He pulled out of her suddenly and looking up into his eyes she begged, 'Fuck me.'

He climbed onto her and she raise her arse to him. In one slow deep punishing movement he pushed into her tight pussy. She was as tight as a virgin girl as he opened her and filled her need. His hand reached for her shoulder to pull her back onto him. He rode her wildly and let his pleasure explode into her. Dripping, she collapsed in a sea of emotion. He hadn't fucked her for so long. She let go tears for what she had lost and now tasted once more. He held her telling her he loved her though she didn't believe him. She sobbed until she was spent.

via for the love of a sub photo gallery, photographer unknown


  1. It would be so much easier if we could live for the moment wouldn't it? I is hard not to remember what our hopes have been though and mourn for what has been lost. Lovely post little.

  2. Replies
    1. thank you Hs, very much for your kind words

  3. little,

    Another beautifully written post...

    I enjoyed the story even more than I enjoyed the picture...

    Best wishes,

    Mr Fox

    1. thank you Mr Fox and welcome to the pages here. So lovely of you to leave your thoughts. I could not find quite the picture I wanted..ah well i thought, this will have to do.


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