Tuesday, February 11, 2014

indifferent valentine's

Valentines day?
This year it's not happening.
I'm not interested.
My partner is becoming more passive-aggressive with me. Is he feeding off my distance?
He pushes me away, but we are still here in the same house, in the same bed, an infrequent touch between us.

I am taking him out for his birthday and for the first time ever in our life together,  I feel it is an endurance test rather than a pleasure.

Oh dear, we are becoming a statistic, just as it seems are Ken and Barbie.

Dina Goldstein via UK Mail online


  1. Valentines day sucks anyway :) I refused to celebrate it lol ... I hope you find a way to reconnect ava x

  2. the last best VDay I had was two years ago ... I was celebrating my independance ... on the 13th I had finally kicked my loser ex bf to the curb!!!! So I don't celebrate VDay ... I celebrate my freedom! ... VDay is so contrived anyway.

  3. This relationship stuff is hard enough without having he whole hearts and roses thing stuffed down our throats. Hope you are able to have a good evening together despite everything. Love the Ken and Barbie thing by the way xx

  4. Hii little,
    I look at valentines as another commercial holiday...it was not like this back in the days.
    I was invited to an anti-valentines day party ehehe.

    Hope and wish things gets better and you do reconnect.


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