Sunday, February 2, 2014

girl 2 girl

...and another thing.

I am aching to taste a woman. Is this bi-curiosity? I am aching to be under a Domme. Scared to. A Domme does seem to me a scarier prospect than a Dom but to feel her soft skin under my lips. How would her style differ from that of Sir's.

Aching to be touched in a way that a woman might touch. Homoerotic fantasies have always been in my consciousness and my unconscious.

Mutual touching between a girlfriend and I when we were 14. At 16 years sweet, I dreamed an erotic wild dream of a school girlfriend. Was it the absence of boys in an all girl school that had me fantasising about her full red lips, her open hazel eyes and olive skin. She was so beautiful and full of light. I wanted her in my dreams and we had erotic adventures in those same dreams. Dreams from which I woke with my breath short and my pink soft flesh throbbing, nipples hard and tingling.

I have always been far to shy to pursue a real experience, so my panting for the touch of a woman goes unanswered. How does one find woman to answer my dreams?

Photographer: Natasha Schon. Sourced For the love of a Sub


  1. i too am a little curious to see what it would be like to be with another woman...smiles

    1. I think there are a lot of curious subs in space :)

  2. We jokingly refer to our threesome fantasy woman as a "purple unicorn". With all our specifics, surely she doesn't exist......XOXO

    1. hello pearl and welcome. I love the purple unicorn tag. She must be rare indeed. I am intrigued about the specifics that make your fantasy girl such a rare breed.

  3. K is my husband, my Master - and has always known I've got a certain itch he can never scratch. He is okay with that, he knows he is my mate. But he also knows that there will be a time when I ask for permission to have a playmate. A female playmate. Not sure how he feels about that time, but I know that day will certainly be an interesting one in my household...


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