Thursday, January 23, 2014

cane correction

There was something new and quite pretty on the front seat of the car. He held it up and my hand moved forward to touch it. He pulled it out of my reach. Several times my fingers were within millimetres of its touch, and the same amount of times Sir pulled it far from my touch.

He explained that this would be my knew method of punishment. Sir would slap it hard down on my cunt, he said. He will use this method because it scares me. I am terrified of the pain of the cane. The cane is light and flexible and more than anything I want its marks on my skin. I have to return to another and the marks would not do, so he will punish my pink slick flesh. My cunt will sting. He has a list of my transgressions and the strokes administered will be corrections to my bratty behaviour.

I have further neglected to perform a task set by Daddy across the waves. What did he do? He plotted with Sir, Local D, to have the punishment administered by proxy. Tomorrow is the day. I will receive discipline, punishment, correction from both, administered by one. I must thank Sir on my knees for my correction. Pay him in kind for my beating.

Secret....I am so excited and wet at the thought.

I have pleaded for more discipline. I need a heavy hand. I am squirming inside that my request is being answered. Be careful what you wish for girl.

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  1. I hope you "enjoy" your punishment *ouchies* I have a question though. Is your Daddy more like a mentor or is he your Dom. And do they often work together .. or in tandum? Do you find it difficult to have to Doms at all? What if one contradicts the other's style??
    Sorry for so many questions .... I know Dom's that have more than one sub but do not really know any subs with more than one Dom. :D

    1. Hi gk
      you are right Daddy is a mentor and he is strictly online. He has his own life and his own relationships but some yrs ago found me without a Dom and struggling to explore the lifestyle, or rather explore just being a sub. Was I or wasn't I? We corresponded chatted. I could ask him anything and felt safe in doing so. His plan was always to encourage me to find a suitable Dom. To be happy by following what I thought I needed. He would set me tasks and be a bit of an online Dom / Mentor. He always said that he would step away when I found that person.

      Eventually I was found / discovered by a local Dom who became my Sir. I was very slow in coming to him. He is my first RL Dom and as I am also partnered to someone else, it wasn't easy for me to give myself to another man. It has been a long journey in that regard. I wasn't looking for an affair or a lover, I was looking for a Dom. I am still with my partner and will be for the forseeable future.

      Daddy and Local D (Sir) eventually started corresponding on occassion. I believe they discuss me as 'our girl'. They both respect the role each other plays in my journey. Local D is very much hands on. Daddy...on another continent, is a friend and mentor and as he sees fit has me perform tasks for him, not many, but some. Neither man gets in the way of the other with regards to me. In fact from what I can see, they support each other when it comes to the expectation that I perform whatever is required by the other.

      For me this is the hottest senario. We are all very respectful of each other and care for the privacy of each other. (A dog that fetches will carry as my grandmother used to say).

      I hope thats a bit clearer. It probably works because we are not all in the same town and there is a great deal of respect shown to each other.


    2. Thanks so much for your very open & honest answer. It is something that has intrigued me for awhile now. I think you have a very unique scenario here & kudos to all of you for making it work.
      I have asked a similar question to a Dom friend who is quite poly. He is more than happy to have mulitiple subs (all online) and he is happy for them to have husbands, boyfriends, lovers but does not believe that a sub can have more than one Dom. Interesting. And really I do kind of think that it would be very difficult do to the fact that Dom's do have rather healthy egos (not in a bad way) and they do like to "rule the roost" as the saying goes. A sub with more than one Dom to answer to or to "obey" .. somebody would have to be the alpha male .. wouldn't they? It would be rather confusing to the sub I would think.
      But there is always an exception to the rule .. and you are living proof of that. Even though your Daddy is more of your mentor than your Dom. Again kudos to you for making it not only work but a happy situation, & I agree "the hottest scenario". And thanks for answering my question!! :D

    3. I have been sent a few words to include in this conversation:

      This is Daddy from across the seas. Due to the distance I had to ask another Dom to take this lovely bottom in hand for me. She is still learning but doing oh so well on her journey. Now we just to have to concentrate on promptness, don't we young lady? Prompt obedience.

      Daddy so wishes he had had the pleasure to have her naked butt (she would say "arse") looking up at him as he delivered the lessons himself (and accepted the payment).

      Daddy is pleased with this whole entry and looks forward to more teamwork when necessary.

  2. breathing heavy here, and I do hope you don't mind me saying, but daaaang!! i also got wet at the thought and was lost in my own little head for a moment!

    Have an amazing day!

    1. glad you liked it..and you are welcome to lose your head.

  3. I love the explanation and it is really intriguing to me. I am married and just recently a couple of months ago asked my husband to start for lack of a better word "playing" with me. I wish we had a mentor but I do not think he would be open to that. I have been sending him things via Email to help him understand where I was coming from and what I was needing. We have been married almost 19 years and it is really weird to be moving in this direction given that he is very passive and I am very needy. I think he is starting to enjoy the role and he is very cautious with me because he does not really trust that I want this I think. I also do not want to feel like I am forcing him into something he does not really want. Before I "came out" to him I had been temped to step outside of our marriage which was really pushing my values. For me that would have been difficult given I do not trust easy and I have a hard time with lying, so it seems that I have taken a step in the right direction for now. But on the other hand it is hard to submit to someone you feel you are teaching. I have no interest in dominating or leading I want to follow. Thanks for your blog!

    1. hello Needy T. Thanks for takin the tme to add to the conversation. I envy you your journey with your husband. My life partner and I tried for a long time but failed to follow this path together. Actually this is one of my main regrets in life.

      Good luck in your journey. It would be good to follow in a blog if you are writing.



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