Monday, January 20, 2014

breasts for his pleasure

To please you she would come to you, invited to stay with you, entertain you and any others you see fit to share in her delights. Her breasts belong to Daddy. They hang heavy and round, always on display for you. No bra at those times you think to take your girl out of the house. Nipples hard and pouting. Seen through her dress for anyone to notice and take their pleasure. Who knows you might want to tweak a nipple at any time or pull it to make her squeal. That would be nice. Round hard nipples at your beck and call.

My breasts, your breasts, to be used by you in anyway; a pillow; a soothing bite for your tongue and teeth.. to explore and suck and lick. You might like your lovely wife to explore them ...fondle them...squeeze and pull for your pleasure.

Your breasts will sport decoration, dressed in bells hung from nipple clamps and ring out with each spank across your knee. On all fours, you can watch and listen to the tinkling music as your breasts move with the rhythm of her crawl to you across the floor. To kneel in front of you, legs apart, open, hands behind her head to push your breasts to you, inviting you to play, to take what is yours.

You may choose to slip your cock between your breasts, the rhythm of the stroke touching her lips a gloss of pre cum wetting her pout. Eyes up to yours, mouth open in anticipation that you will tire of the warmth between your breasts and allow her mouth to make a home for your throbbing cock..

photographer unknown


  1. FD and Joolz..thank you..i hadn't actually thought that it was very erotic, however it was appreciated by Daddy across the Waves.


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