Monday, January 27, 2014

punishment spanking

I have seemingly recovered from my treatment on Friday. It was very intense and I loved every minute of it.

When I came to the room I was wearing his favourite corset (under bust of course) and a small leather collar with 'submissive' spelled out in diamante letters. He has given me two to choose from when I come to him. The other says 'bitch' and depending on my mood and attitude, I am to choose the appropriate one.

The first task of the day was Daddy's punishment which Sir had consented to administer. Bells were placed on my nipples and I have to say that after so long without clamps this more than stung. He pulled on them several time to illicit the little squeaks of pain that he wanted from me. I had asked him to be particularly nasty and as I was to find out this was the beginning of him letting himself go.

He placed a sturdy chair in the middle of the dim room and sat his 6ft plus frame in it. 'Put yourself over my knee.' He had actually never done this before and these words surprised me. I felt immediately embarrassed. I had not been in this position before, not since I was a little girl on that rare occasion that my father had bent me over his knee when I had been particularly exasperating and naughty. I have to say it didn't bring back fond memories, in fact the memories and feelings inside me were a little distressing. My stomach churned with anxiety.

Sir pulled me into a position where my breasts hung and the bells rang out as he actually SPANKED me like a naughty girl! I recited Daddy's words in between each blow, as Sir soothed my arse with his tender rubbing. Each time I recited the words they ended in 'may I have another please'. I was actually asking for another! As the blows went on, the recitation became a mantra and my voice became breathy and more quiet, I felt Sir slipping his fingers between my legs to assess my body's reaction.

Finally the punishment was completed and he stood me up. My arse was stinging though I didn't cry. "Now, have you learned your lesson? You will do as you are told when you are told to do it or do we need to go on?'

'Yes Sir' I said rubbing my bottom. In actually fact, I wasn't sure if I had learned my lesson. I wasn't defiant but I was feeling a little confused and dizzy.

Sir stood up and he said, 'Well that's not the end is it? We have some other business to take care of.'

I knew that meant the cane, he had his own corrections to make. I stood there knowing I had to finish Daddy's instructions, trying to find the words to tell Local D. It wasn't easy telling one man, Sir, that another, Daddy, had said I needed to thank him for my punishment, to pay him in kind.

I found the words eventually. I couldn't look Sir in the eye. 'I have been given another task,' I said quietly. He waited (but not too long).

'I am to thank you for my punishment.'

He towered over me, my head was lowered, peeking up at him and then hiding my face again. 'What is it?' he said.

'I am to get on my knees and give you a ....blow job.' I whispered the last words. It is a term I find difficult to say. It humiliates me. The word, not the act.

There was silence and he said, 'How does that make you feel?' I replied that I didn't know, but every part of me was screaming that I was embarrassed. It felt so cheap to bring one mans desires to another. I was humiliated, uncomfortable. But you know how I love to feel uncomfortable!

I waited for his decision as he considered.  'This is all at my discretion, so I will think about it.'

Later Sir collected my dues, as I lay on my back, my head hung over the end of the bench, He buried himself deep inside my throat, controlling my every breath, the hitachi on my slick pink flesh he made me come while he was buried deep, my screams reverberating on his cock.

But that was not the end of my correction...

photographer unknown, via for the love of a sub photo gallery

Thursday, January 23, 2014

cane correction

There was something new and quite pretty on the front seat of the car. He held it up and my hand moved forward to touch it. He pulled it out of my reach. Several times my fingers were within millimetres of its touch, and the same amount of times Sir pulled it far from my touch.

He explained that this would be my knew method of punishment. Sir would slap it hard down on my cunt, he said. He will use this method because it scares me. I am terrified of the pain of the cane. The cane is light and flexible and more than anything I want its marks on my skin. I have to return to another and the marks would not do, so he will punish my pink slick flesh. My cunt will sting. He has a list of my transgressions and the strokes administered will be corrections to my bratty behaviour.

I have further neglected to perform a task set by Daddy across the waves. What did he do? He plotted with Sir, Local D, to have the punishment administered by proxy. Tomorrow is the day. I will receive discipline, punishment, correction from both, administered by one. I must thank Sir on my knees for my correction. Pay him in kind for my beating.

Secret....I am so excited and wet at the thought.

I have pleaded for more discipline. I need a heavy hand. I am squirming inside that my request is being answered. Be careful what you wish for girl.

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Monday, January 20, 2014

breasts for his pleasure

To please you she would come to you, invited to stay with you, entertain you and any others you see fit to share in her delights. Her breasts belong to Daddy. They hang heavy and round, always on display for you. No bra at those times you think to take your girl out of the house. Nipples hard and pouting. Seen through her dress for anyone to notice and take their pleasure. Who knows you might want to tweak a nipple at any time or pull it to make her squeal. That would be nice. Round hard nipples at your beck and call.

My breasts, your breasts, to be used by you in anyway; a pillow; a soothing bite for your tongue and teeth.. to explore and suck and lick. You might like your lovely wife to explore them ...fondle them...squeeze and pull for your pleasure.

Your breasts will sport decoration, dressed in bells hung from nipple clamps and ring out with each spank across your knee. On all fours, you can watch and listen to the tinkling music as your breasts move with the rhythm of her crawl to you across the floor. To kneel in front of you, legs apart, open, hands behind her head to push your breasts to you, inviting you to play, to take what is yours.

You may choose to slip your cock between your breasts, the rhythm of the stroke touching her lips a gloss of pre cum wetting her pout. Eyes up to yours, mouth open in anticipation that you will tire of the warmth between your breasts and allow her mouth to make a home for your throbbing cock..

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

crossroads? or.. the path winds

I have been neglectful of writing my experiences and thoughts here. I have been remiss. I am finding myself closer to Sir (local D) though any sort of real relationship 24/7 is impossible as we are both partnered to other people. In the past I have been admonished by some who read here for this choice . Bless their little cotton socks that they think to know me.

I have been reticent to write here in the recent past in case I write something that might disturb my Sir. I have no wish to cause him distress or delve into issues that I will have to spend days in clarification. I know he's reading this now and just to say...if I have a problem with anything Sir, I will talk to you and not blurt it out here in the first instance.

I started this place to record my thoughts on this journey and I need to continue down that track.

I doubt my submissive self  right now and have for a little while. I don't know what I want though I do know I want more discipline. I want a strict and heavy hand. Sir brought me to this place. He seduced me into the reality of this world. He led me to trust him with my safety, both physical and emotional. I trust him implicitly. I remind myself that I used to trust my husband implicitly and look what happened there!

anyway onward...
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