Saturday, November 2, 2013

this big submissive task

Local D set me a task. I suspect he had some consultative communication with Daddy. They have been plotting lately. Reports of my misdemeanors go back and forth across the tyranny of distance. I love it! and they know it. So the task was set:
You will think about all the things you have done with me since we met & started playing, the list will be about the things you liked/loved & why, if there are dislikes then you will also mention these. It will also incorporate your thoughts on any play you would wish to pursue, now or in the future & why.
I want you to think about this carefully please so there is no time frame except to say within the week, oh that old goal post. You will also tell me how you view me, what you think of me, what you like & dislike or would change. This is important & you can consider this your first task.
This is a big task and I really don't know how best to handle it. There is not much I haven't liked since we began to play and the reasons why are pretty much all the same. Part of the reason is easy and clear to understand...the 'things' I like make me feel submissive, small, powerless, vulnerable. There is another part of why these things are loved by me and it is a strange one, one I don't even understand and really is probably a little bit macabre. I like it when you hit me, beat me, whip me because it makes me feel cared for, loved, almost. There is no deep dark secret in my past which might explain this but the thing is, you want to do these things with me, not another, but with me. Then when you have taken your fill, when you have made me scream, cry out in pain or ecstasy, when you have brought tears to my eyes and marked my hold me and make me warm, you tuck me into sleep and make me rest, you prepare a meal and bring me wine.
What things have I loved?
Breath play. You take my breath. Control it at will. Keep it from me, but I never fear your toughened hand over my mouth and nose.
Flogging my body, and my breasts.
Cuffs and collar, you restrain me at your whim. I can never read you and you surprise me with new ways to restrain your girl every time. That always excites me.
Slapping my face...that old chestnut! A quick sharp slap will demand compliance from this little bitch.
Making me masturbate for you, cum for you in a car naked. Making me dress outside the car, public exposure..but not too public.
Anal submission, for me this is total submission.
I have grown to love the nipple clamps, just as you said I would.
There are so many things in your bag of tricks which I enjoy that I fear they cannot all be recounted here.
I hate the pegs. I have tried to love them as they are ripped from my breasts, but they just make me feel sick, nauseous. I am not a pain slut :(
My only wish is to keep growing with experiencing the things you want from me. To please you is to please me. Nothing better!
I want you to make me have that big anal hook you keep on the bench to instill anxiety in me and maybe the pretty glass butt plug you showed me (maybe).
About Sir?

I like that you care about me. I like that you can fix things, make things. I love your confidence. I love your intelligence. I love your understanding of human beings and the lives and paths people choose. I like the way you help your mates. I love your blue eyes and your freckles, so faded now than you are a man, but I see the trace of them on your face and can see the boy you once were. I like how you wrap me in your arms. I like your honesty with me.  I like most of all that you push me because you know I want to be pushed. You know me, you know my reactions, my needs and desire.
You care for me and I trust you implicitly.
What I don't like, what I would change about you. Ha! are you kidding me? Nothing, Sir.

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  1. i love breath control....there is something so erotic that He has total control of my next breath.

    this post was beautiful.


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