Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Panties today I think

She had already dressed, jeans bra and figure hugging top, when she read the text.
She threw open the lingerie draw which for months now had received little attention. She was uncomfortable in panties now, so used to not wearing them was she.

Why was he moving this goal post today? she thought as she rifled through her pretty little things draw. She knew exactly the ones' for which she was looking, slate grey with ruffled cream lace on the hips and a filmy see-through bottom. They matched the bra she wore and they sat so perfectly on her hips accentuating her womanly curve. She liked to wear these ones. She was pleased she hadn't given him the list he had requested in order to make these choices for her. She hadn't had time to put it together, so today the choice would be hers.

yes Sir

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  1. Panties and lingerie are so appealing to the male eye, and you appear to have a drew full of these garments and yet they are not worn....such a waste :-)

    Great to hear you wore them for this day though!


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