Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New Collar and cuffs for the pouty lil brat

Sir has given me a new Collar and matching Cuffs. Actually this li'l girl found it amongst Sirs things. I wasn't snooping, honestly. Sir had instructed me to find something in his bag and as I was looking my hand ran across these beautiful new red red knock 'em dead straps.

'Sir,' I called out, 'Have you got another on the hook?'

There was silence from the other room and then, 'Bring them here.'

They were so beautiful as he strapped them on my wrists, my ankles. I love them better than the last. 

I have graduated to these. His girl looks very good in red.

Now...to find a matching handbag and heels!

Photographer: Sir  
Edit: Little


  1. those are beautiful...a matching handbag would be my first thought too, along with a pair of heels. (Any rain fir a new pair is good enough for me lol)

  2. dang phone... Any reason for a new pair

  3. Very nice; things seem to be going very well!


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