Monday, November 25, 2013

bottom play

My most recent choice -The anal hook.

One of the rules that Sir has given me is that I must choose a toy from the bench when we play. This was the first time I was to choose. I have in the past been cautious about choosing, nervous. I am a keen subscriber to the cautionary proverb 'Be careful what you wish for...'

The dice was loaded however, Sir had only put a very narrow selection on the bench. The huge shiny frightening anal hook, the one that had fascinated me but scared me the most was on the bench. I had secretly wanted it for a long time, hoping he would force the issue, but now here he was making me push the boundary.

I took the cold steel in my hand and offered it to him in both hands with arms outstretched. His eyes danced in the dim light and the corners of his mouth turned up.

My predicament began...

photographer unknown


  1. We have talked about getting one and I'm both intrigued and terrified at the same time. You have to finish and tell us what you thought.


  2. Hmmm, I think we all probably feel the same way. The pictures (like the one you have posted) I have seen does make it look rather intriguing!!!

    I hope your predicament was worth it (and that you do write about it)

  3. cannot wait to read about the's interesting. i have ass issues, so won't dare bring it up, yet.

  4. I love the anal hook, i find it niggly/uncomfortable more than painful, it is awesome when combined with bondage especially suspension....have fun!



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