Tuesday, November 26, 2013

the cold steel hook (cont.)

On all fours on the padded bench. His thumb worked my tight puckered hole. Swirling round until with very little force he pushed in. I had already come loud and proud a little earlier, so things down under were fairly ready to accept anything thrown at it.

The complete pleasure I felt as he pushed the cold steel into place wiped the fear and nervousness away.

The rope was tied first to the hook, the distal end fastened sharply to my hair creating a pony-tail. He pushed my head down and the pull on the hook made me squeal. The fullness of the hook's ball pushed into me.

In front of me he drove his cock into my hot hungry mouth. Saliva dripped from the corners of my mouth. My eyes watered. Struggling to breathe as he filled my throat. His fist in my hair pulled me to him. Each thrust worked to drive the cold steel deeper into my arse. Filling me, fucking me, driving me, reaming me.

My fear of the steel fell away as my desire reached fever-pitch. He used me like a slut. His slut. Completely used and controlled and in the most debauched of methods. So completely controlled.

 I'll have what she's having!

I''ll have what she's having!

Panties today I think

She had already dressed, jeans bra and figure hugging top, when she read the text.
She threw open the lingerie draw which for months now had received little attention. She was uncomfortable in panties now, so used to not wearing them was she.

Why was he moving this goal post today? she thought as she rifled through her pretty little things draw. She knew exactly the ones' for which she was looking, slate grey with ruffled cream lace on the hips and a filmy see-through bottom. They matched the bra she wore and they sat so perfectly on her hips accentuating her womanly curve. She liked to wear these ones. She was pleased she hadn't given him the list he had requested in order to make these choices for her. She hadn't had time to put it together, so today the choice would be hers.

yes Sir

Monday, November 25, 2013

bottom play

My most recent choice -The anal hook.

One of the rules that Sir has given me is that I must choose a toy from the bench when we play. This was the first time I was to choose. I have in the past been cautious about choosing, nervous. I am a keen subscriber to the cautionary proverb 'Be careful what you wish for...'

The dice was loaded however, Sir had only put a very narrow selection on the bench. The huge shiny frightening anal hook, the one that had fascinated me but scared me the most was on the bench. I had secretly wanted it for a long time, hoping he would force the issue, but now here he was making me push the boundary.

I took the cold steel in my hand and offered it to him in both hands with arms outstretched. His eyes danced in the dim light and the corners of his mouth turned up.

My predicament began...

photographer unknown

Sunday, November 24, 2013

car trip cumming

and now the rest....

We had walked in the bush to a place to see some ancient rock paintings. As I opened the front passenger door,  his words echoed in my ears.


To my private surprise I pulled my top off over my head exposing my breasts (there was no bra of course as earlier instructed).  We were in a public car park with not too many people around, nonetheless I think even he was surprised as I lept into the car with a big grin on my face.
It was a long journey back to town on a slow gravel road (lucky for me! because I was going to have to work hard on what was to come). The smile began to disappear as it dawned that I was in a predicament where public exposure was probably going to be involved. My anxiety grew. He took his drink bottle and poured it over me wetting my jeans. It was not a very warm day so I shivered a little at this.

'You will need to take them off to dry them lilone. You do not want to catch a cold.'

I had no panties on my smooth mound and I tugged the jeans down sitting on his seat with my bare arse.

'All the way! Completely off please.'

He has a way of knowing how to make me extremely nervous and he did it no less expertly this time as he draped my jeans over the back of my seat to 'dry'. 
I sat on the seat instructed to make sure my legs were apart. Then he said it,

'Touch yourself, work that little clit and cum for me.'

I worked hard, beating down the anxiety. Hiding from oncoming drivers and passengers, thankful that we were in a vehicle designed to be high of the ground on rough terrain and so higher than most other passing motorists.

I twirled my clit. I fondled my breast and pinched my nipple. Pulling it hard. Making myself cum hard and long. The warmth that dripped over me relaxed me into my uncomfortable plight. He pulled the car into a sparsely populated camp ground but populated nonetheless. I had done exactly what he said what more does he want, I thought!

"Get out of the car and dress".

I hung my legs out the door trying to pull on my jeans.

He pushed me in my back out of the car. "I said get out of the car and dress."

He got out of the car with my shirt and layed it a little distance from the car so that in order to put it on I would have to walk (or run half naked) some 20 feet from the safety of the car to reclaim it. Squealing with laughter I ran to it and quickly pulled it on over my bouncing breasts.
Back in the car, I was traumatised and demanded that he take me to get me an alcoholic beverage. He laughed at his girl stamping her foot and pouting and took me to the pub where I had a purely medicinal glass of wine.


via interweb- naked on the streets .com

Saturday, November 23, 2013

ebb & flow summissive

Dear Daddy
I am sorry I haven't written in a while. I haven't been online so much. I am sleeping better which means not so much 4 -5 am waking and so not so much computer.
I am relaxed and more content than I have been in a long time.
I am stronger than I have been in a long time and, Daddy, I am happier too. I am more me than I have been in an age.

I have decided not to shoulder so much in our life. I have decided to live my own life. Visit who I want when I want. I spent my last day off riding on the back of Sir's motorcycle. He had taken me to buy a helmet and gloves and we rode through the country side all day. When he reached back to pat and rub my thigh I was assured I was safe and in his care. That felt very nice. It was very peaceful on the back of his bike. I was so relaxed that when he said it was 3 in the afternoon and he had to take me back, I was shocked and disappointed that the wonderful sun-filled day had gone so fast.

Life in the house is calmer than it has been in a while. I am being respected as an individual which has been missing for longer than I care to admit. It is early days, but the positivity I am feeling has lightened my load and my heart.

Daddy, even with all this beauty and contentment leaking back into the everydayness of my life, I am noticing a slight uneasiness. I am feeling less submissive. Actually that is not so. I think the feeling is the loss of the burning desire, the need. Though there is an acceptance that it is there, but there is not an explicit expression of it lately. It may be nothing. I have felt this ebb and flow of the sub inside me a couple of times. It is time like this though that I begin to doubt myself and just want to feel the safety of Sir's hand.
Liz, Photographer unknown

Thursday, November 14, 2013

an email from Sir

Sir sent me an email..He is allowing me to post it, so here are excerpts..its interesting seeing my stories from His point of view....
What a day, it was just perfect.
My gorgeous girl is coming to the room to see her Sir, he is so excited to see her as its been a while since they spent time together on holidays.
Sir does not want to reveal his excitement too much. He hides from that now. He is not wanting to show too much. He shouldn't. He worries she may think he is getting too involved. He has avoided the L word as much as possible in case it is taken the wrong way and even though that is not the case, he has now backed away from her a bit. Sir is still very excited and cannot stop himself from showing this.
My girl arrives at the allotted time and as I open the door for her I am totally stunned. This girl has once again done it for me. She is to die for, stunning, just beautiful.
As I first set eyes on her I am overwhelmed with excitement. Totally floored by her presence. She is so damn fucking beautiful. I am so taken back I don't really know what to say. I am just looking, staring. Has she noticed? I don't know what to look at first. Her dress is perfect, fuck me heels, the coat that covers what's in store, the curly hair, I just love that curly hair and those red lips. The scene is set.
To be honest I am thinking I have to be the luckiest Sir ever. I cant take my eyes off her I want to touch her, to have her, devour all of her. I cant help myself , she is delicious.
As her coat is removed the extent of her beauty is revealed, she is standing with her legs slightly apart hands behind her back exposed for me. The corset I love so much is on display showing off her body, that sexy delicious little body. I am tempted to just grab and fondle her. I am still looking and as I stand back, the complete picture is there.  She has on a bra. It's black with some red on each side. It is something that has caught my eye and all of a sudden I realised it was an extension to the corset, another layer to peel back, expose, play with, oh the look of my girl is absolutely stunning.
My girl never ceases to amaze me, NEVER. I have learned that if I give her free rein with her dress she will always surprise me, excite me. She knows how to dress and does it to perfection. She knows what does it for me, what gives me those goose bumps. I hope she never sees. She knows this is what makes me hard and lust after her. My delicious little slut plays this so damn perfectly every part of it, almost like she has rehearsed it all, but the truth is she is a natural, she is just being her.
I love bending her over my knee and slapping that gorgeous arse listening to the squeals of pain and pleasure. I can feel myself getting quite hard but the truth is I was hard as soon as I saw her and I hope she can feel my excitement.
She is made to stand, bent over, hands on the couch, legs spread. I can feel her heat, her anticipation, her slick little cunt.
I pick out the first of three floggers I am to use on her today and start to massage her arse slowly, precisely, not too hard, not yet, that will come a little later. I know she loves this part, as the force of each stroke is increased until I get my first squeal. This is what I love to hear. She will be flogged hard enough so I get that squeal from each stroke. I want to hear it. I demand it.
The corset is removed after a time, the bra, the fuck me heels stay on a little longer, that's such a good look. I have decided to restrain her standing arms above her head. I love this and I know she does as well.  I continue with the flogging, her breasts my target, my enjoyment, my pleasure. She is made to cum. I insist she squirts and she obeys, restrained, flogged, the Hitachi wand pressed into her slick cunt. Begging me to let her cum, oh my, that squirting is just beautiful.
Restraining her on the table, legs apart, arms left with a little movement, after all I enjoy watching her squirm and wriggle,.She is exposed, vulnerable, all of her to use, all her holes there for my pleasure. She is fucked while the wand does it's work. The look on her face is priceless and when breath play is introduced it brings her orgasm to a new level. I loved the she begs me to stop, "Please no more, please".
She has been given rules. She will pick a toy for me to use in play. She has chosen the anal hook. She is brave, very brave, so I had the best time using this on my delicious little slut. We will be revisiting this.
You know what makes me tick, what drives me, what turns me on and in that room, when I was fucking you, those words, "slap me, slap me," gets me hard and instantly makes me cum. You knew that would happen, slapping you, my hand on your throat. You know this and use it for my pleasure. This is the kind of thing I love about you.
You are giving back more than you know with all those little things you do to me, the things you are when we play. Now some new activities may crop up for your enjoyment...well actually mine.
Your loving Daddy Sir 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

hit me Sir!

His hand closed on her throat.
He thrust inside her harder and harder.
His breath ragged.
Her frame sinking under His weight.
His hand let go her throat only as long as it took Him to redden her cheek.
Slapping her made Him hard,
Slapping her grew His need to have her, possess her, own her, take her, swallow her.
She knew it.
"Slap me!"
"Hit me!"
"Slap me, Sir" she cried from deep inside her.
After each hit she recovered herself, a smile in her eyes and across her lips.

She knew how to be His slut. She loved it, this symbiotic dance they danced.

via http://ftloas.tumblr.com/ photographer unknown

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New Collar and cuffs for the pouty lil brat

Sir has given me a new Collar and matching Cuffs. Actually this li'l girl found it amongst Sirs things. I wasn't snooping, honestly. Sir had instructed me to find something in his bag and as I was looking my hand ran across these beautiful new red red knock 'em dead straps.

'Sir,' I called out, 'Have you got another on the hook?'

There was silence from the other room and then, 'Bring them here.'

They were so beautiful as he strapped them on my wrists, my ankles. I love them better than the last. 

I have graduated to these. His girl looks very good in red.

Now...to find a matching handbag and heels!

Photographer: Sir  
Edit: Little

Saturday, November 2, 2013

this big submissive task

Local D set me a task. I suspect he had some consultative communication with Daddy. They have been plotting lately. Reports of my misdemeanors go back and forth across the tyranny of distance. I love it! and they know it. So the task was set:
You will think about all the things you have done with me since we met & started playing, the list will be about the things you liked/loved & why, if there are dislikes then you will also mention these. It will also incorporate your thoughts on any play you would wish to pursue, now or in the future & why.
I want you to think about this carefully please so there is no time frame except to say within the week, oh that old goal post. You will also tell me how you view me, what you think of me, what you like & dislike or would change. This is important & you can consider this your first task.
This is a big task and I really don't know how best to handle it. There is not much I haven't liked since we began to play and the reasons why are pretty much all the same. Part of the reason is easy and clear to understand...the 'things' I like make me feel submissive, small, powerless, vulnerable. There is another part of why these things are loved by me and it is a strange one, one I don't even understand and really is probably a little bit macabre. I like it when you hit me, beat me, whip me because it makes me feel cared for, loved, almost. There is no deep dark secret in my past which might explain this but the thing is, you want to do these things with me, not another, but with me. Then when you have taken your fill, when you have made me scream, cry out in pain or ecstasy, when you have brought tears to my eyes and marked my body...you hold me and make me warm, you tuck me into sleep and make me rest, you prepare a meal and bring me wine.
What things have I loved?
Breath play. You take my breath. Control it at will. Keep it from me, but I never fear your toughened hand over my mouth and nose.
Flogging my body, and my breasts.
Cuffs and collar, you restrain me at your whim. I can never read you and you surprise me with new ways to restrain your girl every time. That always excites me.
Slapping my face...that old chestnut! A quick sharp slap will demand compliance from this little bitch.
Making me masturbate for you, cum for you in a car naked. Making me dress outside the car, public exposure..but not too public.
Anal submission, for me this is total submission.
I have grown to love the nipple clamps, just as you said I would.
There are so many things in your bag of tricks which I enjoy that I fear they cannot all be recounted here.
I hate the pegs. I have tried to love them as they are ripped from my breasts, but they just make me feel sick, nauseous. I am not a pain slut :(
My only wish is to keep growing with experiencing the things you want from me. To please you is to please me. Nothing better!
I want you to make me have that big anal hook you keep on the bench to instill anxiety in me and maybe the pretty glass butt plug you showed me (maybe).
About Sir?

I like that you care about me. I like that you can fix things, make things. I love your confidence. I love your intelligence. I love your understanding of human beings and the lives and paths people choose. I like the way you help your mates. I love your blue eyes and your freckles, so faded now than you are a man, but I see the trace of them on your face and can see the boy you once were. I like how you wrap me in your arms. I like your honesty with me.  I like most of all that you push me because you know I want to be pushed. You know me, you know my reactions, my needs and desire.
You care for me and I trust you implicitly.
What I don't like, what I would change about you. Ha! are you kidding me? Nothing, Sir.

photographer / artist unknown