Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sir's rules

  1. You will be naked at all times while in my company, this refers to inside mainly but this maybe extended to outside as circumstances dictate.
  2. As soon as you arrive inside you are to strip naked, you will face me standing with your legs slightly apart & hands behind your back, this stance shows off your breasts for my pleasure & gives me access to your slick cunt.Your bells will be on offer to clamp on your nipples or any other place I choose.
  3. You will ask me for permission at all times for any needs/actions you wish to engage in.
  4. You will be cuffed & chained for my pleasure while sleeping, however you may have the right to sleep without restraints, I will consider this a reward/treat for you but it will have to be earned.
  5. You are required to masturbate for me at my choosing, (this is my favourite) you will always do this for me in full view for my pleasure.When there is a need to do this away from me you will ask permission & describe the event in an email, this also applies to Mr Buzzy.
  6. This one is tricky because I know you love it, you will not wear any panties unless I instruct otherwise, I know this is actually a treat for you as you love the feeling of being bare so perhaps something should change in this regard?
  7. You will always be shaven/smooth for my enjoyment but I know this is one thing you love so this will never change, see you do get your treats.
  8. You will be required to kneel in front of me when I am sitting legs spread & hands on your thighs, you will display yourself for my pleasure ALWAYS. You will be permitted to leave this position when I decide but it will be for a spanking over my knee.
  9. When we play you will be required to pick 1 toy/play equipment which you would like to be used, this will be incorporated within play & the same choice can not be made each time.
  10. Now I have thought about this one for a while, as I know you fear the crop this will become the main method for correction. For each infraction you will receive 10 strokes,you will count each out load & thank me for each one, if a count is missed an additional 5 strokes will be added to the original count.
These are some of the requirements I expect from you, they are not negotiable at the moment however some can & probably will change, the list is ongoing as you know.

Your loving Sir
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Monday, October 28, 2013

My first task

Sir has decided to set some tasks.

I have returned from 5 weeks away and I am replete with rest. More on my adventures later. So much to write.

I received an email today..a task.. an instruction. I have to admit its a bit daunting. He asks for some easy things, he demands some that are more difficult. He asks that I post it here.

I would like you to do a list for me, this list will be about firsts for you.
You will think about all the things you have done with me since we met & started playing, the list will be about the things you liked/loved & why, if there are dislikes then you will also mention these. It will also incorporate your thoughts on any play you would wish to pursue, now or in the future & why.

I want you to think about this carefully please so there is no time frame except to say within the week, oh that old goal post. You will also tell me how you view me, what you think of me, what you like & dislike or would change. This is important & you can consider this your first task.
 You will post this in your blog please.
Your SIR xxx
So hi ho, hi ho its off to work I go. I can think of all the things I want to say. Posting some of them here is the tricky bit.

More to follow...

artist unknown, sourced from the interweb