Sunday, September 15, 2013

holidays and wolf stories

All quiet from me here in this space.
A frenetic pace in my little world.
Trying to balance on a tight rope of all these roles in my life that I am.
Multiple people running around in my mind, inhabiting one body.
We all have those different roles though don't we?

The lightening pace is coming to an end and I will be shooting off on holiday next week.

This holiday will be quite different. Selfishly I am going by myself. Hitting the open road to travel north to sun and peace.

I am sure I will return to my adventures invigorated and ready for more.

There is a taste of his hand on the horizon.

I think I may have lost my submission, dropped it in the garden on the way to see grandma.
I'm sure the wolf will help me find it again.
He always does *coy grin*.

Artist : Arkangel - Zigma via Deviant Art


  1. Good for you on taking a solo holiday. I do it quite a few times a year, though usually just to my bestfriend's house up north.

    Can't wait to read if the Wolf found your submission.

  2. Also waiting to hear about the Wolf! Have fun :)

  3. Sometimes it is important to be alone. That way we can just be.

    1. I hven't been alone for years, and now months of absolutely NOT alone. I am crazy with NOT

  4. Definitely a good way of getting back to just you. Have a good time, look forward to hearing about you and the wolf soon. xx

    1. Thanks Joolz, I suspect there will be much to report!

  5. You are only making yourself better for the one you serve/love. Go enjoy, relax and learn your heart. There are many of us looking for someone with such an attitude and devotion

    1. thank you and welcome to my little space.


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