Sunday, August 11, 2013

submit to the weekend: episode three - used

On my knees, my forehead touching the floor he stroked my hair, moving around me in silence. Perhaps he was admiring the welts and redness he had just created with the flogger as I was tied to the pole.

I was trying to catch my breath, rest, ready myself for the next phase. I knew he wasn't finished. He was only just beginning and so was the weekend. He had told me that this weekend he was going to do what he liked with me. Now as a slightly more than novice sub, though not in my opinion by much, I understand that I have given him the power to use me in any way he wishes, but he has always been 'careful' with me he says. I have never felt the full force of who he is. I am not a pain slut. We have discovered this together. My thing is control, that's what gets me going. To submit to command, strength and force. I am not averse to the application of torturous and painful pursuits, but pain does not bring me the rush that it may with others. Having said that the sting certainly does do it for me. As the great late Chrissy Hines belted out..there's a fine, fine line between pleasure and pain. Now I won't get that song out of my head all day!

He was behind me when he clinked the metal. Fastening the wrist cuffs containing my wrists behind my back with the rapid click-click of the snap lock. He prefers a snap lock to a screw type lock; easy to put on and easy to take off. Pulling on my hair he directed me to my knees and with a small leather cross sporting O rings on each of the four ends he fastened my wrists to my ankles.

Hogtied. Kneeling. Waiting. He moved around me. Thinking. Inspecting. I like that I can often tell what he is thinking but never during play and I like that even more. I like that he can surprise me, keep me on my toes, create a nervousness in me that I thrive on. Then is was clear he had decided. I heard the zip.


I opened my mouth. Thoughts of the other part of my life didn't bother me. I pushed them away. I had come to this place in the the full knowledge that I was giving all of me to his will. He guided his hot hard cock into my wet eager mouth. My tongue slide over his hardness enjoying every minute of this pleasure. I explored his cock, his hardness, his shape. I explored his skin, his taste and his veins that throbbed under the sensitivity of my nerves and blood. I took his balls one, two in turn into my mouth exploring every inch of him. My eyes sought his and I was surprised at the intensity in his, the pleasure. My hands were tied and still I felt the connection to him through this orifice of carnal delight. The taste of decadence and desire, of lust a lewdness. I was where I belonged.

His fist twisted my hair around it and pushed me deep around him. The challenge was not to gag though truth be known breath play is wonderful ...and what a way to go! When he had finished with this game he moved behind me releasing the snap locks from my ankles.

Whispering in my ear, "I'm going to fuck your arse." He pushed my head down to present to him what he would use next. I loved those thrilling words. I revelled in his use of all of me. I felt owned. I was His. Submission was easy, never easier in fact. He reinvigorated me as the pain and pleasure met. He wound my hair once more around his fist pulling me back onto his cock. Taking what he wanted, giving me what I needed.

photographer unknown


  1. Beautiful writing, as always Little. What a wonderful weekend and escape from the chaos of real life.

  2. Wow L; fantastic! Good for you xx

  3. Damn..damn..damn (fans self). You are so lucky!!

  4. I think its safe to say it was a fantastic weekend lol

    Its odd because i refuse to define myself as a painslut but masochist yes, i dont know why i just dont like the term painslut, or perhaps because although pain excites and arouses me i can say i dont enjoy it always...ooh im gabbling lol


  5. i loved reading the weekend series. i like pain only if it's a by-product of submission. I think.

    and can i just say here that i enjoyed reading your "cake and eat it" post too.

  6. What a great weekend away! Thank you for sharing your adventures.

  7. thank you all.
    great to see you drop by...episode 4 is now up!


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