Saturday, August 17, 2013

submit to the weekend: episode 4 - submission score!

He exhausted me that afternoon. We rested together.

Later we journeyed into the valley of vines in search of food. I laughed about the 2 hr drive in search of sustenance to eventually end up with Chinese takeaway.

I rode in his car without panties and without a bra. Not a hard ask in the darkness I found.

Returning to the cottage I walked through the door, stripped my clothes off and sat at the table. He remained dressed of course. We talked, ate, drank and laughed. This was my first taste of the parameters of a 24/7 dynamic and I was revelling in it, even if it was only 24 little hours...I wanted to start the day again.

After dinner more play led upstairs to bed, a massage - he gives the best massages - and against my will I was falling asleep.

"You are tired, lets get you to bed."

As I lay on my back he placed the wrist and ankle cuffs on for sleeping. Between the cuffs he strung two small lengths of chain that he had fashioned for just this purpose... for just this time. My ankles were chained together and so too my wrists. Then I lay in his arms pushing my arse back into his groin.

"Sleep!" he commanded in his stern voice that means business and stop doing what you are doing. (oh how I love that stern voice).

His arms wrapped around me and my arms in turn wound around his. It was a comfortable fit. More than comfortable, it was right.

"I will use you when I wake in the night."

"Yes Sir." I smiled in the dark and settled quickly into a deep sleep.

I was used in the night, for his pleasure, which was much much better I found than being used for mine... though I admit the pleasure was all mine. *wink wink at the corny line*

My slut finally succumbed to her submission that weekend.

She was used in every conceivable way,

she was cared for and adored,

she was appreciated and desired.

In return...she obeyed.

photographer unknown


  1. Little...sounds like a very hot and much needed weekend all about you.Thank you for sharing.

    1. I do feel very always seems to be about me...this submission not a hard gig with Local D. Tough it took a long time to get here and there's so much more to explore.

  2. I shared this post with my Dom who is mentoring me. It is such a breathtaking, brief synopsis of a lovely evening.

    1. Hello Monique and welcome. I am pleased that this small glimpse spoke to you in some way. It was a very special time for me.

      I'd be interested in your Dom's opinion though I admit I count myself a lucky girl to have struck this man for my first RL experience.

  3. And now I'm craving for some vacation time with BIKSS again... oh to spend a night in his arms.

    sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.


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