Tuesday, August 27, 2013


There has been an unusual development.

Hub, my non-Dom hub, spanked me! (without me begging)

"Bend over."

His hand came down on my rump.

After a few swats and a shocked me, he demanded

"Now, you will come to me every morning before you leave the house and you will receive a spanking."

OK! I will oblige I thought to myself. It will be interesting to see if there is follow-through in this new tennis match.

Will he follow through?

Later that day we were sitting on the couch in between jobs around the house, when he pulled me over his knee and began to spank me again! His reason? Practicing his technique.

I was taken aback but complied. I felt him grow hard under me. Very hard. His fingers slipped  into my growing wetness. My pelvis writhing, pushing back into him. Grinding against his steel hard cock.

"Now don't forget, every morning, when you are dressed ready for work, present yourself to me for a spanking before you leave the house."
        ...Tigers and lions and bears, oh my!
Tigers and lions and bears, oh my!
Tigers and lions and bears, oh my!

photographer unknown


  1. OH sounds exciting. Is this is good development?

  2. Well now that is hot! Hope he follows through fir you


  3. Wow. How do you feel about all of this?

  4. oh wow this is a turning a different corner!!!...do you want this??

  5. Well....is this is a good thing? it seems so perhaps....like he wants to meet your needs.


  6. I am positive that this is a good thing. There sure will be a follow-up.

  7. Brilliant, but what brought it on do you think?

  8. I have to say that lately I am intrigued by that


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