Sunday, August 25, 2013

pleasure or torture

Naked on her back on the bench he tied the ropes around each thigh. Her ankles and wrists were fastened to each other. The ropes from her thighs were then wound around each forearm until she was securely trussed symmetrically, left arm to left thigh and ankle, right arm to right thigh and ankle. Her ankles were fastened in turn to the cold silver chains stretching tightly between the eye bolts in the ceiling and red painted concrete floor. She was splayed and open for His pleasure and play. She was unable to move, a predicament she thought to herself.

This was new for her. She thought about how far she had come from that frightened girl who entered the room all those months ago. The one who begged him not to leave her alone even when she was restrained in a fashion that she could release herself from. He had brought her here very slowly. Today, in this moment she could not move, she could not escape but somehow she didn't need to. All those previous fears were gone. She trusted that when he left the room it would  be for a moment and he would return, he would always hear her, he was always there.

He plunged his fingers and tongue in to her yawning cunt. He fucked her, used her. She was his to use. This new experience delighted her. He finally used the vibrating magic Mr Hitachi so as to make her squirm. He had not gagged her this day and she became more noisy as the wand brought her to the boil. She began to squeal. Pausing for a moment he decided that perhaps she should be kept a little quiet lest alarmed neighbours contact the police and an awkward situation arise.

He strapped the black shiny rubber ball into her gaping wet mouth, and fastened the buckle at the back of her head. He moved again to the vibration of pleasure, she was unable to move. She squirmed and frowned, tears began to well in her eyes. She was confused. Was the intensity of this activity sheer pleasure or was it unbearable torture? Soon she became sure it was torture. He made her cum and cum again. Squirting hard with no relief in between. She could hear herself screaming, shaking her head from side to side, begging him to stop. She was lost completely without any self control. Her nipples hard, her face a bloated mess, not knowing  when or even if it would ever stop. She continued in wave after impenetrable wave to squirt at Sir. He was calm in allowing her no relief. He made her cum until her musculature screamed in anguished contortion.

When he was finished and she was a soaked mess of quivering jelly. He unstrapped, untied and unchained his prize. She was never really sure if she had experienced pleasure or torture...but she was hoping to again someday to be given the permission to lose herself to his control.

photographer unknown


  1. Holy fuck! I want that, and a lot of it... the continue squirting and cumming I get, but never to the point that I wonder if torture or pleasure. Very HOT!

  2. What a hot scene. What does he have planned now?


  3. its was very, but only after I was


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