Tuesday, August 27, 2013


There has been an unusual development.

Hub, my non-Dom hub, spanked me! (without me begging)

"Bend over."

His hand came down on my rump.

After a few swats and a shocked me, he demanded

"Now, you will come to me every morning before you leave the house and you will receive a spanking."

OK! I will oblige I thought to myself. It will be interesting to see if there is follow-through in this new tennis match.

Will he follow through?

Later that day we were sitting on the couch in between jobs around the house, when he pulled me over his knee and began to spank me again! His reason? Practicing his technique.

I was taken aback but complied. I felt him grow hard under me. Very hard. His fingers slipped  into my growing wetness. My pelvis writhing, pushing back into him. Grinding against his steel hard cock.

"Now don't forget, every morning, when you are dressed ready for work, present yourself to me for a spanking before you leave the house."
        ...Tigers and lions and bears, oh my!
Tigers and lions and bears, oh my!
Tigers and lions and bears, oh my!

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

pleasure or torture

Naked on her back on the bench he tied the ropes around each thigh. Her ankles and wrists were fastened to each other. The ropes from her thighs were then wound around each forearm until she was securely trussed symmetrically, left arm to left thigh and ankle, right arm to right thigh and ankle. Her ankles were fastened in turn to the cold silver chains stretching tightly between the eye bolts in the ceiling and red painted concrete floor. She was splayed and open for His pleasure and play. She was unable to move, a predicament she thought to herself.

This was new for her. She thought about how far she had come from that frightened girl who entered the room all those months ago. The one who begged him not to leave her alone even when she was restrained in a fashion that she could release herself from. He had brought her here very slowly. Today, in this moment she could not move, she could not escape but somehow she didn't need to. All those previous fears were gone. She trusted that when he left the room it would  be for a moment and he would return, he would always hear her, he was always there.

He plunged his fingers and tongue in to her yawning cunt. He fucked her, used her. She was his to use. This new experience delighted her. He finally used the vibrating magic Mr Hitachi so as to make her squirm. He had not gagged her this day and she became more noisy as the wand brought her to the boil. She began to squeal. Pausing for a moment he decided that perhaps she should be kept a little quiet lest alarmed neighbours contact the police and an awkward situation arise.

He strapped the black shiny rubber ball into her gaping wet mouth, and fastened the buckle at the back of her head. He moved again to the vibration of pleasure, she was unable to move. She squirmed and frowned, tears began to well in her eyes. She was confused. Was the intensity of this activity sheer pleasure or was it unbearable torture? Soon she became sure it was torture. He made her cum and cum again. Squirting hard with no relief in between. She could hear herself screaming, shaking her head from side to side, begging him to stop. She was lost completely without any self control. Her nipples hard, her face a bloated mess, not knowing  when or even if it would ever stop. She continued in wave after impenetrable wave to squirt at Sir. He was calm in allowing her no relief. He made her cum until her musculature screamed in anguished contortion.

When he was finished and she was a soaked mess of quivering jelly. He unstrapped, untied and unchained his prize. She was never really sure if she had experienced pleasure or torture...but she was hoping to again someday to be given the permission to lose herself to his control.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

question 1 - subspace

I received my very first question today and after trying to answer it privately but failing to get the email to work so I have posted it here. I would like to reference the writer and their blog but as I have not got their permission I will not include their identity.

I have a question for you. I know you have gone into subspace with your Dom. My question, this is a point I want to reach with Sir. He is aware of this, and states I am not ready to be there yet. I do feel I am not because in part I struggle with control. I think my other issue is that I know if I reach it that we need time afterwards. He needs to make sure I am safe before I drive home, etc, and we don't always have much time. I think subconsciously I realize this so I don't allow myself to even try and go there.
How do you handle the time factor into the equation?
Thank you for any insight. I greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for this question though I am not sure how much help I will be. (Not an expert am I grasshopper).

Subspace is a hard concept  for me to understand. I am not sure I believe it exists. I am someone who needs to understand the physiology of such things and this thing called subspace.. I do not. Admittedly I have done no research either. There is no denying however that I have visited a dreamy and quiet place where pain and incidental thought no longer exists.

The first time it happened to me was during a particularly hard flogging (for me not for Him he would say!). It was getting harder to endure the pain, the force. I felt myself beginning to panic and in that moment I took a deep breath, relaxed and just let go. I let my mind stop, I let the pain and panic go. This is the way I visit there most times. I have also visited there after cumming very hard (he says the girl comes hard!) at other times its from the overwhelming feeling of the 'assault' on my body, face slapping etc. Sometimes it just happens and sometimes I consciously retreat into it. I think you are right though, if this is what is described as subspace, I think it must come when one gives up control, when the brain stops chattering, when it stops resisting and flows with whatever is happening around it.

As far as needing time afterwards? In my case  I never have a feeling where I can't be roused to consciousness in order to drive. Having said that I wonder how it would be if I did not have the opportunity to be embraced and cuddled after a session where there was such intensity that my brain sought refuge in that floaty world of  'subspace.'

In my limited experience it will happen when it happens. The key may be to relinquish that control you are hanging on to and trust in your Sir and his process is the key to that. You may not believe it will happen but with patience and time it will all fall in to place.

(Are you laughing at this Daddy and D Sir? - They both spent a very long time telling me this in their own way and I spent a very long time in doubt!)

These are just my thoughts...

Anyone else?

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

submit to the weekend: episode 4 - submission score!

He exhausted me that afternoon. We rested together.

Later we journeyed into the valley of vines in search of food. I laughed about the 2 hr drive in search of sustenance to eventually end up with Chinese takeaway.

I rode in his car without panties and without a bra. Not a hard ask in the darkness I found.

Returning to the cottage I walked through the door, stripped my clothes off and sat at the table. He remained dressed of course. We talked, ate, drank and laughed. This was my first taste of the parameters of a 24/7 dynamic and I was revelling in it, even if it was only 24 little hours...I wanted to start the day again.

After dinner more play led upstairs to bed, a massage - he gives the best massages - and against my will I was falling asleep.

"You are tired, lets get you to bed."

As I lay on my back he placed the wrist and ankle cuffs on for sleeping. Between the cuffs he strung two small lengths of chain that he had fashioned for just this purpose... for just this time. My ankles were chained together and so too my wrists. Then I lay in his arms pushing my arse back into his groin.

"Sleep!" he commanded in his stern voice that means business and stop doing what you are doing. (oh how I love that stern voice).

His arms wrapped around me and my arms in turn wound around his. It was a comfortable fit. More than comfortable, it was right.

"I will use you when I wake in the night."

"Yes Sir." I smiled in the dark and settled quickly into a deep sleep.

I was used in the night, for his pleasure, which was much much better I found than being used for mine... though I admit the pleasure was all mine. *wink wink at the corny line*

My slut finally succumbed to her submission that weekend.

She was used in every conceivable way,

she was cared for and adored,

she was appreciated and desired.

In return...she obeyed.

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

submit to the weekend: episode three - used

On my knees, my forehead touching the floor he stroked my hair, moving around me in silence. Perhaps he was admiring the welts and redness he had just created with the flogger as I was tied to the pole.

I was trying to catch my breath, rest, ready myself for the next phase. I knew he wasn't finished. He was only just beginning and so was the weekend. He had told me that this weekend he was going to do what he liked with me. Now as a slightly more than novice sub, though not in my opinion by much, I understand that I have given him the power to use me in any way he wishes, but he has always been 'careful' with me he says. I have never felt the full force of who he is. I am not a pain slut. We have discovered this together. My thing is control, that's what gets me going. To submit to command, strength and force. I am not averse to the application of torturous and painful pursuits, but pain does not bring me the rush that it may with others. Having said that the sting certainly does do it for me. As the great late Chrissy Hines belted out..there's a fine, fine line between pleasure and pain. Now I won't get that song out of my head all day!

He was behind me when he clinked the metal. Fastening the wrist cuffs containing my wrists behind my back with the rapid click-click of the snap lock. He prefers a snap lock to a screw type lock; easy to put on and easy to take off. Pulling on my hair he directed me to my knees and with a small leather cross sporting O rings on each of the four ends he fastened my wrists to my ankles.

Hogtied. Kneeling. Waiting. He moved around me. Thinking. Inspecting. I like that I can often tell what he is thinking but never during play and I like that even more. I like that he can surprise me, keep me on my toes, create a nervousness in me that I thrive on. Then is was clear he had decided. I heard the zip.


I opened my mouth. Thoughts of the other part of my life didn't bother me. I pushed them away. I had come to this place in the the full knowledge that I was giving all of me to his will. He guided his hot hard cock into my wet eager mouth. My tongue slide over his hardness enjoying every minute of this pleasure. I explored his cock, his hardness, his shape. I explored his skin, his taste and his veins that throbbed under the sensitivity of my nerves and blood. I took his balls one, two in turn into my mouth exploring every inch of him. My eyes sought his and I was surprised at the intensity in his, the pleasure. My hands were tied and still I felt the connection to him through this orifice of carnal delight. The taste of decadence and desire, of lust a lewdness. I was where I belonged.

His fist twisted my hair around it and pushed me deep around him. The challenge was not to gag though truth be known breath play is wonderful ...and what a way to go! When he had finished with this game he moved behind me releasing the snap locks from my ankles.

Whispering in my ear, "I'm going to fuck your arse." He pushed my head down to present to him what he would use next. I loved those thrilling words. I revelled in his use of all of me. I felt owned. I was His. Submission was easy, never easier in fact. He reinvigorated me as the pain and pleasure met. He wound my hair once more around his fist pulling me back onto his cock. Taking what he wanted, giving me what I needed.

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

submit to the weekend: episode two - abused

'Stand there...wait.'

I stood as instructed, legs apart, arms behind my back, my arse glowing with his hand marks. The sting was delicious. My nipples were erect and I was slick between my thighs.

He pulled a rope from his tool bag and wound it several times around the post running between floor and ceiling at the bottom of the stairs. He fastened it much higher than I could reach and fashioned a loop in it that hung down in the front. I always love watching him knot rope. His skill with fashioning knots always intrigues me and as simple and second nature as it appears to him, leaves me breathless and in awe.

"Come here."

I stepped forward towards the rope.

"Hands up."

I rose my hands and he clipped them together. He fastened the wrist cuffs with a very conveniently placed carabiner to the hanging rope loop. My body stretched out behind my wrists. My glowing bottom exposed to him invited further treatment.

His arm swung high holding the flogger. He brought it down hard and began to beat my arse, my thighs, my back. The soft leather lengths stung the skin under it's care. Flat leather strands wrapped around my body. Breasts and nipples were stung in the curl of the leather. Welts appeared on my skin tracing the leather's path. I loved it. I was surprised. I had not seen the welts before. The room in which we usually play is dark with red light.

The blows continued for what seemed like hours, the pain relieved by his warm stroking over stinging skin.  Cries from my lungs soon began to settle. I could feel the warmth pour over me. It takes hold and all pain disappears. I float and dream, escaping the pounding. I feel nothing but the force of the blows on my body. He sometimes pushes when his girl reaches this place. He will slap and grab at what is his. The girl doesn't stir, though often she smiles knowing he is there caring for her. When he finishes he takes his girl in his arms always, caressing her until she returns to him.

He unclasped the restraint, never letting me feel the danger of falling. Supporting my descent from the bindings. I continued to float and was his to do with what he wished. Slowly his girl returned to him.

Pointing to the mat in the lounge room he demanded,

"On on your knees and wait."

As I returned more and more to him I sank to my knees as instructed, bending forward, resting my forehead to the floor in a devotional pose. My knees open, my hands by my sides. I waited in this child's pose. Hearing every movement he made.

"Lovely" he whispered as his finger traced my back and caressed my hair.

Then I heard the clink of metal behind me....

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