Monday, July 8, 2013

what does Sir do with a bratty girl?

Now after a lot of consideration I have decided to go with this list. As you DO find it very hard to follow instructions I have decided that perhaps you need some incentive, something that may help you to follow orders.
(1) As you know you are always going to be bare for me unless I decide otherwise, this will start to include you not wearing a bra also.
(2) We have our rules about Friday but from now you will ask me if you can use nail polish, that's the requirement.
(3) We seem to have a problem with you not asking permission to cum. Now this rule is not negotiable in any way shape or form so from now if you do not ask me I will be forced to withdraw any treats I may have for you, including play.
(4) You seem to be not going to gym as promised. I do expect you to do this and if not you should have a very good reason.
(5) Touching from now on is considered a treat for you,this means you will earn it and any failure of the above rules will cancel that treat. I would expect a very lean time for you if things keep going as they are.
(6) Mr BUZZY is banned at this time until further notice.
"Yes Sir" she smiled.
photographer unknown


  1. Oh :( Poor Mr Buzzy :( - be very very good Little and rescue Mr Buzzy :)

    1. poor Mr Buzzy indeed. An on going issue...My Buzzy lives in my bedside cupboard, His American cousin is under the control of Local D and unless the hand of Local D is controlling Mr Buzzy, he is not allowed to touch me. It's very very difficult for a girl to comply!

  2. loving your rules...smiles...makes one feel so Owned!!!

    laughs at Mr Buzzy!!!

    1. Dear Blossom...I'm pleased you can laugh! :)ha!


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