Sunday, July 21, 2013

there comes a time in life, when you just need to walk away...

Something Daddy sent me which bares consideration. He always knows where my head is. He is supportive for one so far away. He appears to always have time in his busy busy life to lend and ear and counsel.

I am considering ..
Walking away from the drama and the person who creates it,
Surrounding myself with laughter and light,
Pushing away the unhealthy and focus on loving the confused girl inside.
Getting up is living.

Life is not so short as is said.  Life is the longest thing I'll ever do and to live it in despair will make it even longer.


  1. Completely agree with your sentiments and those of the note above. Life is, as we have discussed, for living and for living well. xxx

  2. "Anything that wipes away smiles should be avoided, everything that wipes away tears should be embraced" Clive, 2013 :)

    1. the gospel according to Clive..i reckon i could get into that one!

  3. Nobody deserves drama in her life. Loving yourself should come first. Though I know first hand it's a struggle. Admitting what you need to do is the first step in a happier you. You deserve that happiness!

    1. thanks HS
      now the tricky make it happen

      cheers L

  4. Well said. Sometimes that is all you can do!


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