Monday, July 15, 2013

the dynamic fluid nature of negotiation...what will you have with your D/s today babygirl?

It may surprise to realise that the relationship dynamic between Local D and I is a work in progress. Under negotiation. That's OK.

There is always a part of me, greedy and impatient that wants more.
More strict,
more control,
more rules,
more chastisement,
more punishment (though punishment of a physical nature doesn't work for me...I do naughty things just to receive a spank or slap).

Punishment to me is denial. Not denial of the big O or the girl touching but denial of his touch, denial of his attention is punishment cruel and unbecoming. Denial makes me sick with need, desperate with desire, and devastated with longing.

photographer unknown


  1. There is a little and twisted Oliver in you then, Little :) "Please sir, I want some more". "MORE!!!"
    But you are seeking More denial, More of Less even :) Wow, what a conundrum :)

    1. Ha! Clive you clever man, you are so very right...the conundrum of seeking more of less xxx

      hmmm I seem to remember you being a Dom at one time or are demonstrating your knowledge of both sides of the street! :))

  2. I can so identify with this, plus the more a needy girls gets the more a needy girl wants!! xx

  3. Definitely agree with you about his denial being a far worse punishment than physical correction. We are very similar in that way. My Dom could spank,paddle,strap me all day long but if he took away his touch, his affection, his would break my heart.


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