Wednesday, June 12, 2013

the diamante bitch

I have been given two play things furnished with instruction on when to wear them.

He held them in one hand. Such a big hand that hand that covered my arse cheek in a swat. That hand hid both of these secrets at once. Nervous about the present he held I smiled, though my eyes carried a little trepidation.

"You will take these home with you. When you come to me and when you wear your corsets for me you are to choose one of these two things to wear with your corset."

My eyes widened, I suspected this might be something that would cause discomfort and a not insignificant amount of pain.

"You are to choose one to wear and the one you choose depends on the mood you are in. You will wear it on your journey to me. The one you choose will determine how you are to be treated on that day."

He must have seen the anxiety in my eyes.

"So choose wisely."

He placed these two small things in my trembling hands. A smile stretched across my face as I saw the words spread across two thin collars. Simple words spelled out in diamante on soft black leather straps.

"Thank you Sir, they are beautiful." I reached up and kissed him for my gift.

After a pause for thought, "Sir, what does Bitch Mean?"

"This means you are feeling bratty, rebellious, you answer back and you have decided to be difficult."

"Sir? What does Submissive mean?"

"This is when you are feeling your submissive nature most, this is when you are in your zone."

I looked at them both and considered for a moment, then reaching up I placed the soft leather around my neck, bowed my head and lifted my blond loose curls. He fastened the word around my neck.

His finger hooked my chin and lifted my gaze.

"Yes that was the right choice today Bitch." He smiled

photographer: Dave Aharonian


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