Monday, June 24, 2013

no knickers day

I have heard from very questionable sources ;) (thanks Clive) that today is no knickers day.

Easy! I never wear knickers...this is a recent requirement, at least the 'never' bit is. It used to be sporadic, often not occasional, but sporadic. In winter it's easy as there are always stockings, pantyhose in order to not succumb to the big chill.

Summer is a little more challenging with all my lady lovelies bare and on display. I am smooth, another requirement, something I have come to love! Hot gusts of wind are my bare fanny's enemy as they slip up under my summer frock and expose my bottom to all and sundry. I once gave a man outside the bank a lovely suprise that he may not have been expecting between the deposits and withdrawals counters. I know this because as I skipped across the road trying to gain control of the light full skirt having its own Marilyn moment, I looked back and noticed the delighted but knowing smile on his face.

I wear dresses most of the time and this has left me extra cautious.The knickerless requirement has always made me a little nervous of the dangers of the trip and the fall, arse over tit, in the street while running for the bus. It has left me cautious about the trip and the fall at work which would be thoroughly mortifying and forever lose me any professional credibility that I might enjoy now.

Living on the edge with the knickerless little is a nervous and exciting time tinged with a hint of dread. Knickerless, I am always more aware of the state of excitement I experience - the weather, Daddy calls it. How is the weather young lady? I am always required to check.

Marilyn - Photographer unknown


  1. LOL You conjure up some inviting images there Little. I will secretly imagine an abundance of 'little mishaps' and 'little airings' :) And the next time I go to the bank my eyes and imagination will wander and I will have difficulty disguising a little smile :)

  2. Oh I can't imagine every day! Daddy requires me to go pantyless on occasion and it definitely makes me more aware of the "weather"!


  3. Every day is a no knickers day for me also.
    I gave up on wearing them when I was about sixteen (five years ago) and haven't worn them since.
    I always wear skirts and dresses, most of them quite short. My summer sundresses are very thin and floaty, and with nothing underneath them I need to be careful. Sometimes a stray breeze catches me unawares and it becomes obvious that I'm not wearing any knickers. Doesn't really bother me.
    Suzannah P

  4. All submissive women should never ever wear panties, and always garter belt and stockings, never pantyhose or tights, and be available for master to take them whenever.

  5. No panties is good, and always stockings, no pantyhose ever

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  7. I never wear knickers, and like you I'm completely shaven. I love wearing very short skirts, it adds some excitement to the day never knowing if my little secret will be exposed by a stray gust of wind.
    This has happened to me several times, but I really don't mind who gets a little peep.


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