Wednesday, June 26, 2013


The pub was crowded and I was right on time. I had been told to meet him at 1 pm. "We will be having lunch and a drink."  Yum I love it when he feeds me he always makes me eat such wonderful treats and this was no exception. In the beginning he use to ask me "what would I like." He would hand me the menu. I handed it back to him once telling him he was the boss and please would he make the decision. He has chosen ever since. I like that. I hate choosing off a menu. Even when I go out with my girlfriends, they always do the ordering for me.  I simply can't be bothered. I am too interested in the chat, and the menu is an unwelcome distraction. Of course I am easily pleased with food. I like anything and most things that I don't have to cook I just love. I hate to cook almost as much as I hate carrots.

I arrived at the pub on time and hoped he would be inside. It was so cold outside and I couldn't bare the thought of trying to keep warm and happy in the icy pub garden. He always arrives before me, so I was pleased not to see him outside. I was wearing matching bra and panties under my clothes. It was unusual that I was wearing panties but he had decreed I wear them. He said he wanted to slide his hand down them into my slick pussy.

"You understand that this will be happening don't you?"
"Yes Sir."
"Good girl. You may choose which you wear."

I chose black lace with cream detailing. Filmy and see though. The panties were the thong variety. It took me ages to decide. Pulling on one delicate pair after another, considering in the mirror and ripping them down unsatisfied. I was not used to wearing knickers lately and in fact I didn't want to wear them today, but what's a girl to do when she is told specifically to wear panties. I didn't see how he would see them anyway though I knew Sir being Sir, he would have something in mind and I never really know what he is planning.

The pub was crowded and he had managed to claim the last available table inside. I was grateful to be warm. He gave me wine and went to the bar to order a meal. When it arrived we shared a fresh seafood plate with a rocket, pear and parmesan cheese salad, the perfect accompaniment. We drank and talked and as usual when I was full he made me eat some more.  I never quite understand this as I struggle to put the final morsels of treats into my mouth.

"You can't leave the table until the you have finished." This always makes me giggle a bit.

Then the games began. I didn't quite know how he would play his games in a crowded pub bar but to my embarrassment and delight he managed to be his wicked self.

"Are you wearing panties?"
"Yes sir"
"Show me"
"Unzip your pants."

My eyes flitted around the room and I felt immediately uncomfortable as it dawned on me that the inevitable was unavoidable.

"Do it!"

I unzipped as ordered. His large fingers slid straight down inside my panties. I gasped as he slid past my clit an slipped into my warm wet flesh. I could feel the frenzied flush in my cheeks. His hand took my cunt and mound into its grasp and pulled me towards him so my bottom slid along the seat I was sitting on. I squealed a little at the forceful nature of this action and my legs opened wide as he said, "This is mine."

Hot and flushed. Could anyone see? We were in public. I was sure they could see. Someone must have noticed the heat passing between us. Some one must have seen him take me in his hand and the expression of a whore's pure pleasure as she was controlled in the most fundamental way.

"Something?" he said trying to elicit a response from me regarding my discomfiture.

I knew the wisest thing was to say "no Sir" and quickly. When he has me like this however, I am not often able to answer quickly and certainly not coherently. I began to say something that was not the required "no Sir", when suddenly my cheek was stung with a heavy and sudden slap. My face was propelled under his hand to the right. My hair flew across my face and a smile spread across my shocked expression as I realised what had happened. I am a whore for a face slap. A bitch in heat. I looked up and around the crowded room. How could anyone have missed that? To my astonishment no one had noticed! Did he set this up? How could no one have noticed? The face slap had its desired effect. His girl immediately calmed, became silent and stopped fretting about the display she was making of herself.

photographer unknown


  1. This is not just hot, it's sizzling, scorching, dripping, melting, subtly and overtly HOT. Beautiful writing little one. maya

    1. thank you maya. It was a sizzling encounter

  2. Wow - how unobservant can folk be!!! A hot little encounter deliciously recounted. There is something so exhilarating about clandestine misbehaviour in a public place :)

    1. I admit I was floored that no one noticed...though I did look up for security cameras! I am always more in awe that Local D manages to do this sort of thing without being noticed. He has the widest field of vision I have ever come across.

  3. Oh little this was indeed hot.

    The Bossman has brought me to orgasm before in a restaurant and i was mortified not very good at coping with potential exposure in public, i find it distressing..but yet hot lol


    1. Orgasm in the restaurant..oh My! The trick is I know he prefers discretion. The risk of exposure is there, always, but somehow he manages to avoid it. I am thinking my luck can't last forever.

  4. What a hot scene. What will he do for an encore?



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