Monday, June 10, 2013

Daddy's persmission

Things with local D have followed an unexpected trajectory and I was concerned that Daddy would disapprove. It would wound me deeply to know I had affronted Him with my actions. Daddy is a long way away and we are likely never to meet, but He is Daddy and He takes some amount of care of me. So it is important to me that I remain cognisant of and adhere to his wishes. I plucked up the courage and I wrote him an email.
I had a wonderful afternoon with D. He was what he calls 'Feeling Frisky'. This means he is in the mood for using me hard. I confess I love this. Relentless spanking, slapping and use.  Last night I slept for 12hrs!!! I feel great today and want another go with D.
Now Daddy, I think I want to start writing about things in the blog that have happened in the context of play which I am afraid might change your opinion of me. This worries me because I value very deeply your opinion of me.
Recently, I have moved past my promises to Non Dom and I am surprised that I don't feel guilty. I don't even feel like I have been unfaithful though logically I know I have. Yours is the only opinion I value in the vast readership the blog seems to attract. I would like to understand how you view my decisions.
Love xxx

He wrote me back and I read with a flood of relief in my heart:

My dear girl---what you write about is the truth and is NATURAL---I am not surprised that barriers are healthily coming down and progress is happening-----you have deprived yourself of so much, now is the time to heal. Our rules of restraint (vows, morality, etc) do not take into consideration our very healthy needs for sustenance on an emotional level, yes a spiritual one. I have been waiting to hear that you have opened yourself completely.
Permission fully granted.
Daddy's love is permanent and beyond damage (besides he knew you were a slut before he became your Daddy---:)
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  1. Hope you will keep blogging about your play time now that Daddy has given his approval.



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