Monday, June 10, 2013


I wear a ring not unlike this. In fact very much like this. It was not given to me but I chose it. It reminds me of who I am, of who I choose to be.

It is always on my fingers moving from one to another. It might seem strange, this symbol of ownership, to have chosen to wear it myself. But it makes me feel a sense of centredness. A bare hand feels loose and lost.

Many people comment on it. It is amazing to me how many do take notice. But until now I don't know if anyone has seen it and has known what it means or even wondered if it means to me what it might mean to them. Do they know? I think to myself when someone comments on it's beauty. I keep silent, though it's always on the tip of my tongue to shout,

"It's a little collar!"

unknown photographer


  1. LOL 'Little Collar' - perfect :)

  2. The ring of O, that is what it reminds me of!



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