Friday, June 28, 2013

little's next page

I'm a little excited. A little terrified. A little nervous. A little happy.

Local D has organised a weekend away in the country. He has arranged a getaway cottage, shack, playhouse.

So in a couple of weeks I will meet him for a whole day and night and half of the next day!

I feel naughty. Very naughty. But I can't wait!

*jumps up and down on the spot laughing and clapping her hands*

Very exciting times for little.

...Oh no!...Just had a thought...What will I wear? Arrrgh..I don't look delicious in the morning! 

photographer unknown via For the Love of a Sub photo gallery

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


The pub was crowded and I was right on time. I had been told to meet him at 1 pm. "We will be having lunch and a drink."  Yum I love it when he feeds me he always makes me eat such wonderful treats and this was no exception. In the beginning he use to ask me "what would I like." He would hand me the menu. I handed it back to him once telling him he was the boss and please would he make the decision. He has chosen ever since. I like that. I hate choosing off a menu. Even when I go out with my girlfriends, they always do the ordering for me.  I simply can't be bothered. I am too interested in the chat, and the menu is an unwelcome distraction. Of course I am easily pleased with food. I like anything and most things that I don't have to cook I just love. I hate to cook almost as much as I hate carrots.

I arrived at the pub on time and hoped he would be inside. It was so cold outside and I couldn't bare the thought of trying to keep warm and happy in the icy pub garden. He always arrives before me, so I was pleased not to see him outside. I was wearing matching bra and panties under my clothes. It was unusual that I was wearing panties but he had decreed I wear them. He said he wanted to slide his hand down them into my slick pussy.

"You understand that this will be happening don't you?"
"Yes Sir."
"Good girl. You may choose which you wear."

I chose black lace with cream detailing. Filmy and see though. The panties were the thong variety. It took me ages to decide. Pulling on one delicate pair after another, considering in the mirror and ripping them down unsatisfied. I was not used to wearing knickers lately and in fact I didn't want to wear them today, but what's a girl to do when she is told specifically to wear panties. I didn't see how he would see them anyway though I knew Sir being Sir, he would have something in mind and I never really know what he is planning.

The pub was crowded and he had managed to claim the last available table inside. I was grateful to be warm. He gave me wine and went to the bar to order a meal. When it arrived we shared a fresh seafood plate with a rocket, pear and parmesan cheese salad, the perfect accompaniment. We drank and talked and as usual when I was full he made me eat some more.  I never quite understand this as I struggle to put the final morsels of treats into my mouth.

"You can't leave the table until the you have finished." This always makes me giggle a bit.

Then the games began. I didn't quite know how he would play his games in a crowded pub bar but to my embarrassment and delight he managed to be his wicked self.

"Are you wearing panties?"
"Yes sir"
"Show me"
"Unzip your pants."

My eyes flitted around the room and I felt immediately uncomfortable as it dawned on me that the inevitable was unavoidable.

"Do it!"

I unzipped as ordered. His large fingers slid straight down inside my panties. I gasped as he slid past my clit an slipped into my warm wet flesh. I could feel the frenzied flush in my cheeks. His hand took my cunt and mound into its grasp and pulled me towards him so my bottom slid along the seat I was sitting on. I squealed a little at the forceful nature of this action and my legs opened wide as he said, "This is mine."

Hot and flushed. Could anyone see? We were in public. I was sure they could see. Someone must have noticed the heat passing between us. Some one must have seen him take me in his hand and the expression of a whore's pure pleasure as she was controlled in the most fundamental way.

"Something?" he said trying to elicit a response from me regarding my discomfiture.

I knew the wisest thing was to say "no Sir" and quickly. When he has me like this however, I am not often able to answer quickly and certainly not coherently. I began to say something that was not the required "no Sir", when suddenly my cheek was stung with a heavy and sudden slap. My face was propelled under his hand to the right. My hair flew across my face and a smile spread across my shocked expression as I realised what had happened. I am a whore for a face slap. A bitch in heat. I looked up and around the crowded room. How could anyone have missed that? To my astonishment no one had noticed! Did he set this up? How could no one have noticed? The face slap had its desired effect. His girl immediately calmed, became silent and stopped fretting about the display she was making of herself.

photographer unknown

Monday, June 24, 2013

no knickers day

I have heard from very questionable sources ;) (thanks Clive) that today is no knickers day.

Easy! I never wear knickers...this is a recent requirement, at least the 'never' bit is. It used to be sporadic, often not occasional, but sporadic. In winter it's easy as there are always stockings, pantyhose in order to not succumb to the big chill.

Summer is a little more challenging with all my lady lovelies bare and on display. I am smooth, another requirement, something I have come to love! Hot gusts of wind are my bare fanny's enemy as they slip up under my summer frock and expose my bottom to all and sundry. I once gave a man outside the bank a lovely suprise that he may not have been expecting between the deposits and withdrawals counters. I know this because as I skipped across the road trying to gain control of the light full skirt having its own Marilyn moment, I looked back and noticed the delighted but knowing smile on his face.

I wear dresses most of the time and this has left me extra cautious.The knickerless requirement has always made me a little nervous of the dangers of the trip and the fall, arse over tit, in the street while running for the bus. It has left me cautious about the trip and the fall at work which would be thoroughly mortifying and forever lose me any professional credibility that I might enjoy now.

Living on the edge with the knickerless little is a nervous and exciting time tinged with a hint of dread. Knickerless, I am always more aware of the state of excitement I experience - the weather, Daddy calls it. How is the weather young lady? I am always required to check.

Marilyn - Photographer unknown

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

the diamante bitch

I have been given two play things furnished with instruction on when to wear them.

He held them in one hand. Such a big hand that hand that covered my arse cheek in a swat. That hand hid both of these secrets at once. Nervous about the present he held I smiled, though my eyes carried a little trepidation.

"You will take these home with you. When you come to me and when you wear your corsets for me you are to choose one of these two things to wear with your corset."

My eyes widened, I suspected this might be something that would cause discomfort and a not insignificant amount of pain.

"You are to choose one to wear and the one you choose depends on the mood you are in. You will wear it on your journey to me. The one you choose will determine how you are to be treated on that day."

He must have seen the anxiety in my eyes.

"So choose wisely."

He placed these two small things in my trembling hands. A smile stretched across my face as I saw the words spread across two thin collars. Simple words spelled out in diamante on soft black leather straps.

"Thank you Sir, they are beautiful." I reached up and kissed him for my gift.

After a pause for thought, "Sir, what does Bitch Mean?"

"This means you are feeling bratty, rebellious, you answer back and you have decided to be difficult."

"Sir? What does Submissive mean?"

"This is when you are feeling your submissive nature most, this is when you are in your zone."

I looked at them both and considered for a moment, then reaching up I placed the soft leather around my neck, bowed my head and lifted my blond loose curls. He fastened the word around my neck.

His finger hooked my chin and lifted my gaze.

"Yes that was the right choice today Bitch." He smiled

photographer: Dave Aharonian

Sir's salty squirty girl

"...but Sir, I don't like to do that."

"Tell me what you don't like about it."

"Because Sir I think its wee, nothing else and it embarrasses me."

He laughed

"But Sir, the anatomy, where is it stored if not the bladder. The science is out on this issue. It's just the sex blogs that say it's squirting, not weeing. I need to see the evidence. I need to see the randomised controlled trials (yes I actually said that!). I think its wee Sir and I am embarrassed to wet myself like that."

"No honey its not. You know how I know?"

Well I knew he hadn't held an RCT or even funded one so I waited for him to explain.

"Because it tastes like you!"


"Yes. I will show you now."


"I beg your pardon" His voice lowered. "Get up on the bench."

I climbed up on the padded bench. It was like a massage table on a wooden box and it was on wheels. Around the edges were moderately large eyes screws driven into the wood.

"Sit in the middle and open your legs wide."

I stretched one ankle to each corner of the bench. He snap locked each ankle cuff to a chain and attached the chain to an eye screw at the corner of the bench. This time he left my hands free. My back was against the adjacent wall. He stood in front of me, towering over me with the Hitachi style vibrator in his hand.

He put the magic wand to my slick cunt and turned it on low. Immediately the vibration worked to elicit a low moan from my lungs, that breathy sound from my throat was low and relaxed. He flipped the switch to high and all at once the moans moved up and octave. I could feel it in my body, barely able to hold on and then there was the sensation. Just as I thought I could go no further the intensity of the machine on my vagina forcing its rhythmic way inside me, made me scream. I begged him to stop,

"Please, please please, stop stop stop." He pushed the device harder into my slick flesh.

I could feel it build past all control, then there it was, as I wriggled desperately to get away from the instrument of so much torture and pleasure all at once, I felt the bubble burst. It squirted out of me. Shot through the air and splashed Sir with my excitement. The warmth from inside me flowed over me. Then the sweet relief of pleasure spent.

"Good girl."

The orgasm had been so hard I could barely see. I reached down and scooped the wetness on my fingers, lifting it to my nose, then tasting it with my nervous tongue. I couldn't smell or taste what I feared. I tasted salt. A salty squirty girl. Sir took my face in his hands, he had been saying something but I couldn't hear him, I was somewhere else. His hands lifted my face pushing my head back and demanding I give Him my attention.

"You see, its not what you think is it?"

With that He demanded I cum again and again. I was exhausted and covered in wetness by the time he had finished with me.

I am a Salty, Squirty Girl. Now I am kind of resolved, even happy to squirt for Sir.

photographer unknown

Monday, June 10, 2013

Daddy's persmission

Things with local D have followed an unexpected trajectory and I was concerned that Daddy would disapprove. It would wound me deeply to know I had affronted Him with my actions. Daddy is a long way away and we are likely never to meet, but He is Daddy and He takes some amount of care of me. So it is important to me that I remain cognisant of and adhere to his wishes. I plucked up the courage and I wrote him an email.
I had a wonderful afternoon with D. He was what he calls 'Feeling Frisky'. This means he is in the mood for using me hard. I confess I love this. Relentless spanking, slapping and use.  Last night I slept for 12hrs!!! I feel great today and want another go with D.
Now Daddy, I think I want to start writing about things in the blog that have happened in the context of play which I am afraid might change your opinion of me. This worries me because I value very deeply your opinion of me.
Recently, I have moved past my promises to Non Dom and I am surprised that I don't feel guilty. I don't even feel like I have been unfaithful though logically I know I have. Yours is the only opinion I value in the vast readership the blog seems to attract. I would like to understand how you view my decisions.
Love xxx

He wrote me back and I read with a flood of relief in my heart:

My dear girl---what you write about is the truth and is NATURAL---I am not surprised that barriers are healthily coming down and progress is happening-----you have deprived yourself of so much, now is the time to heal. Our rules of restraint (vows, morality, etc) do not take into consideration our very healthy needs for sustenance on an emotional level, yes a spiritual one. I have been waiting to hear that you have opened yourself completely.
Permission fully granted.
Daddy's love is permanent and beyond damage (besides he knew you were a slut before he became your Daddy---:)
Unknown Photographer



I wear a ring not unlike this. In fact very much like this. It was not given to me but I chose it. It reminds me of who I am, of who I choose to be.

It is always on my fingers moving from one to another. It might seem strange, this symbol of ownership, to have chosen to wear it myself. But it makes me feel a sense of centredness. A bare hand feels loose and lost.

Many people comment on it. It is amazing to me how many do take notice. But until now I don't know if anyone has seen it and has known what it means or even wondered if it means to me what it might mean to them. Do they know? I think to myself when someone comments on it's beauty. I keep silent, though it's always on the tip of my tongue to shout,

"It's a little collar!"

unknown photographer

Saturday, June 1, 2013

the hottest words

"When will you come Daddy? I want you to spank me."
"...and how do you think you will be dressed when I spank you, young lady?"
"i will be naked Daddy
 i will kneel
 i will kowtow
 my nipples will be hard and excited, my breath will be short
 and i will be wet.
 I am wet just thinking about the possible impossibility."

photographer unknown