Saturday, May 11, 2013

Daddy's birthday wish

Long overdue I set about my task, grateful that Daddy was a compassionate man and had allowed me more room to move than he might under normal circumstances. My task? For his birthday he wished me to masturbate, for Him, with him in my mind and in my desire and report it to him.

I lay in the dark cool night, my hand exploring my body. Daddy standing above me, looking at His girl with not very much of  hint on his face about the way he was feeling, the way I wished he might feel about His girl masturbating for Him. There is a glint in His eye a slight curl to the corner of His mouth. My eyes never lose contact with His.

I beg Him to touch me, to lay his large hands on me. He smiled,

"That is not what I asked for young lady."

Sighing from both need and pleasure I twirled my clit under my fingers. The pleasure built soon enough into a pressure.

"Sit in My lap girl and continue."

Sighing heavily I could feel  Sir's cock pressing hard through his pants against my skin, teasing His girl with the possibility of the ultimate pleasure. The whisper of his deep voice played in my ear and sent shivers through my body and causing my neck to curve so that my head curled into his hot lips and skin.

"My little slut is back. Here she is, where she belongs. She will beg me to let her cum. Just as it should be."

The words heightened the force of the blood rushing to my head. My pussy glistened with juice as my fingers dipped into the warmth of the swollen fleshy cunt. It built to a point I could barely hold.

"Please Sir may I cum now."

I knew he'd make me wait and I was right. Daddy's voice slow and low fashioned the words design to make his girl more desperate. 

"Now young lady do you think you deserve to cum, you have kept me waiting a very long time."

His hands squeezed my arse, his fingers dug in and hurt the flesh beneath them, I let out a tiny squeal. I know that would delight Daddy.

"Pleeeease Sir" I whimpered, "I can't hold it much longer." My fingers played furiously with my swollen and wet clit. I was dripping with need and desire to cum for Sir. He smiled calmly again and said those magic words,

"Cum NOW!"

My body shook as the waves rolled through my flesh, muscles stiffened, nipples hardened. Pleasure and pain with the forcefulness of the orgasm overwhelmed me and took my breath away. I had not cum for Daddy like this for a long time. I tried to lay silent but the air was forced from my lungs and a muffled cry escaped me. My body shook so hard I thought my head would burst. Then after only one I lay spent, proud that I had not let Daddy down. Falling into sleep I thought I would tell Him about this tomorrow.

Thank you Daddy xx

Photographer unknown

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