Tuesday, April 30, 2013

D/s and infidelity

I suspect Non-Dom knows that I continue to see Local D and I believe he is more comfortable not knowing the where and whens of our meetings. I continue to observe my commitment to Non-Dom in adhering to the boundaries and limitations he has laid down.

Non-Dom has not adhered to his commitment to me and acted in darkness and secrecy. This weighed heavily on me. Almost breaking me over the recent past. I will move gently to continue not to hurt Non-Dom. He has not been so careful with me. We have a love between us and I don't see that it will ever die. We have been through more in our life together than a lot of people should ever have to experience.

There is much I don't say here. It is not the forum for such personal and intimate detail. That is nobody's business but ours.

Photographer unknown

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