Tuesday, February 12, 2013

the kiss of THAT flogger

An update on that flogger! The one I was so excited about...

I wish I had never seen it.
I wish I had never taken the picture with my phone.
I wish I had never sent it to him.
I wish I had never asked if he would like it.
I wish I had never wrapped it with a red ribbon,
I wish I had never handed it to him!

It was harsh, it was hard.
It didn't massage me and pummel me like his suede ones do!
It bit my flesh, it made me sweat, it made me scream and I cry out,

"How much longer Sir?" (Are we there yet the lil girl called from the back seat).

He didn't answer, he just went on. He knew it would be harsh.

Afterward as he soothed my abused bottom and tested my slickness with some personal pleasure, he said hot and low in my ear,

"Good Girl. (blessed words). This is something now you will just have to get used to. I like this one a lot."

Be VERY careful what you wish for L :)

photographer unknown

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  1. Why does it seem the worst implements are always the ones we pick out? They are also the ones I never get used to but crave.


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