Monday, February 4, 2013

friday floggers and fetish

Friday I will go to Local D.
He will shake it up..I have asked him, begged him to push me.

"I need you to control everything, I need you to make all the decisions with out fear or favour."

I am nervous and very excited. I need to break free. I am drowning in a life that isn't meeting my needs as a person, a woman or a girl. Local D  takes me away from that. He will push me further than he has before. There will be new implements and new toys and I will take him a present. I sent him a picture of it.

"Sir, look at what I have this something you might like?"

After a series of texts, a phone call and a negotiation with the holder of the flogger, Sir sealed the deal and instructed me with,

"Get it."

So I have wrapped it with a red ribbon and will take it to him this Friday at the specified time (not a minute later). He is looking forward to stinging my arse with it. I need him to sting my arse with it. I am filled with excitement and trepidation. He will make sure I leave carrying his marks.

The flogger although supple, feels severe under my fingertips. I derive a certain macabre sense of excitement from knowing that I will take him the leather which will cause me more than a little discomfort as he wields it toward my tender flesh.

a present for Sir - photographer ...Me!


  1. It sounds like you are going to get your needs met with that flogger. It is likely to leave you well marked and feeling very submissive.


  2. This sounds like a very exciting time coming up ... and a new level of submissiveness. First you submitted yourself, next you willingly brought out the clamps from his box to use on you, now you are giving him the tools. I truly hope this helps fill some of the gaps you are feeling.


  3. I am glad you are going to get some much needed submission. That flogger looks very interesting indeed - have a very good time; i know you will!

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  5. hmmm I seem to be getting a lot of spam...snoring and loans, maybe its time to put those aweful alpha number things back on so the machines can't post.


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