Thursday, February 14, 2013

expand on this - soothed arse


Afterward as he soothed my abused bottom and tested my slickness with some personal pleasure

There were tears in my eyes as I began to beg for him to stop.
"That's not your word," he said as he brought the black platted leather down on my heated arse again.
"You need to say your word, that one won't work."
"I know" I said weakly, tears welling in my eyes, "I haven't said it because I don't want you to stop."
I felt him smile behind me as he began to run his hand over my arse soothing my tortured skin as it throbbed and stung and I fought to hold back the tears. I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for his ministrations easing the pain as well as for ceasing the punishment, at least for a moment.
His hand slid between my thighs and his fingers curled to test his girls slickness. Sliding easily along my swollen slit, he was satisfied with what he found. He raised his finger to my lips, which always includes a silent instruction for my mouth to open and accept my own taste.

A sharp hard slap followed on my arse. His large hand sank into the pain that already resonated in my bottom, propelling me forward. An anguished breath escaped from my throat in the same moment.

He continued to abuse my bottom that day. He continued to pay it a lot of attention at many different times throughout our day together. By the end of the day my bottom was bruised and screamed for relief.

"I think we will leave your arse alone now."  I whinged that it was OK, it was sore, but OK. A small part of me felt relief  that 8 hours after he began to heat my arse, he had decided to stop.

photographer unknown, Sourced the intranet


  1. This session sounds super hot! :-) It is wonderful how you have balanced your need for D/s with your marriage. If it's not too intrusive, can I ask how your non-Dom hub feels about your time with Daddy?

    1. Hi Squirrel. I have thought about your question a bit before replying. I have thought about it from what I think may be your point of view (locked in a passionate ldr and love affair with Wolf) and from my perspective. I must say at the outset I am not having a passionate love affair with local D. Ours was a considered partnership in the beginning (of course it has evolved since then. It was a considered dynamic based on revealing to each other our needs and our circumstances. We explained our limitations to each other (not in a D/s kind of way, but in our lives and the impact of that on any play relationship we attempted. We were both very careful to mark out our boundaries with each other.

      This reply worked out to be soooo long i have decided to make a post of it. :)

    2. Thank you, little. I will love to read your post on it!

  2. Sounds absolutely delicious. Gotta love those extended periods of pain. It's especially sweet when they sooth you in-between.

    1. i think the sooth inbetween is one of my most favourite things.

  3. Yummy very nice...i do not like tasting myself, i refused to open my mouth once...dont..just dont go there lol


    1. ah yes..the refusal. That does bring its own delights though.;)


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