Thursday, January 3, 2013

the art of lost submission and overwhelming odds - Update


photographer unknown.
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Opening the page for the first time in a few weeks.
Life is still in imbalance and disarray.
Babygirl steps. So I picked up my camera, I collected shells on the beach with the sun on my skin.

A resolution..yes I have made a resolution and put it on the google map! LOL

'Be happy' it says. The resolution assumes I am in charge of my own emotional wellbeing.

I can view the glass half full and not half empty. I have the choice to take the positive from things. I have a responsibility to do it.

I have the choice to take off my panties..or not.

I chose to obey. Local D is back. Life's complexities mean we haven't 'seen' each other (transalation: no spank, slap, sting). I need that right week he says.



I am thinking of quitting, of stopping here.
I notice that when things are really bad I can't write anyway.

No sleep, no creative juices.
I take my camera with me but don't point it and shoot.
Its simple, I can't write, I can't take pictures, I can't play, I can't paint..and I can't dance in the rain.

It seems pointless to carry on with this forum when it's purpose is to reflect whats in me and right now there's nothing i want to revisit!

I am back to square one in the submission stakes.
Panties firmly in place.
I am feeling trapped and very very alone.

To say anything else right now seems pointless.

x L


  1. Hang on L ... just hang on ... it WILL get better ... soon


  2. Hang in there sweetheart. Dominance & submission is an intricate dance. One small misstep can throw a wrench into things BUT IT DOESN'T HAVE TO END IT! Stay true to you and what is in your heart....the rest will fall into place. Finding compatibility in this thing we do takes a lot of time, patience, luck and FRUSTRATION!!! But don't give up honey.....once you have it, you'll see how worth it the laboring was.

    "Things worth having are worth working for...and at times, worth waiting for."

    You'll get there Lil....I'll get there girl. I'm here if you need to talk.

  3. dont loose faith lil we all go through times like this, it will come back again, you are just going through a bad patch at the moment, dont put yourself under pressure to write or do anything it will come to you.


  4. It is tough when things are at this point.. but as you read above, it can get much better.
    You never know when the unexpected will happen. So hang in there!
    You certainly don't need to write unless you want to.. it is your blog!

  5. Glad you are hanging on in there and glad you maybe only have a week to wait xx


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