Monday, January 7, 2013

car park slap

They shared a drink.

"Remove your panties, I shouldn't need to remind you."

"Here?" she looked around the crowded pub. She knew she could do it. She had done it before.

He allowed her to go to the bathroom. On her return as she sat she lifted her dress fleetingly for inspection. He noticed everything, she knew he would not miss the glimpse of her bare pubis.

At the table she begged him to slap her. She pulled at his large thumb, beckoning the palm toward her face. He tolerated it. He smiled. The smile was a little unusual. A knowing smile.

Later they walked to the car park.

Before she walked to her car he caught her. He pushed her back against the car. His fist twisting in her hair, he made her breathless with the swiftness of his attack on her cheek. Her breath was catapulted from her lungs, her face gave way under his hand, strands of her loose curls that escaped his grasp followed in the direction of the slap. For a moment she stood stunned. His body pressed against her, she could feel his hardness responding to her as he began to physically take control of his girl. In the instant she realised what had happened she looked up to him, a smile stretching across her mouth invited another and another and another still, until tears began to well in her eyes.

He turned her by her hair, pressing her against the car. One hand held her wrists to the roof of the Ute the other lifted her dress and swiftly slapped the cheeks of her bottom. Then as he plunged his fingers inside her he whispered hot and slow in her ear "The little slut is dripping for me."

She was capable of only a moan, all power of speech had left her, she had been waiting for this all the evening.

photographer unknown. Source: the Internet


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    1. Hi Pooh and welcome.

      I am sorry you removed this comment, it was very interesting. Thank you for sharing and visiting for the time you did.

      you are welcome back


  2. Hot..very hot.

    There is just something so deliciously primal about being slapped about.

    1. @ tori
      you are quite right tori..i think this may be my most primal urge. I found this so damned sexy when it was happening and so completely a mmmmelting mmmoment!

  3. The wait was worth it to get slapped and left dripping for him.


    1. Still waiting FD- tomorrow is the day. The meet is set. i even have my bag packed with all those essentials already!

      wish me luck...i have waited farrrrr toooo longggg!



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