Sunday, November 18, 2012

am I in trouble Daddy?

I was set a task which I undertook with some to-ing and fro-ing and with some lack of promptness in Daddy's eye's. The trail of email between us ended in a paragraph I sent in an attempt to explain the friction I felt inside. I received his response (in red next to my words). I laughed out loud when I saw the simplicity with which he was able to expose my constant consternation and reframe it as silliness. So with permission:
Now am I in trouble over not cumming before the pics? Butt of course
But yes I did do it for your pleasure..because you wanted it..that still confounds and confuses me. How I do that..need to do it..need to do what you ask. Need to do what you are told by ME. I have always been a rule follower Daddy..always. You were told what to do but it got lost in your sea of worry---not allowed---you were told to focus on my pleasure. Is this an extension of that..even when my 40 something year old brain is screaming..age has nothing to do with the need to submit and obey. Noooo this is not sensible, this is not 'nice'..of course it is nice to please Daddy--no matter what he demands---- Does that make sense? Cos I can't figure it out! Clarified now young lady? DO WHAT I TELL YOU AND PROMPTLY (NO MATTER HOW MANY CHICKENS ARE AROUND).

The chickens? A constant distraction. Missed appointments because they fly the coup and I need to run through the neighbourhood back yards trying to find them. Missed tasks because one of the girls is broody and I need to find a cure in the form of a fertilised egg from a nearby farm. Daddy's reference to the chooks as distraction made me laugh out loud.

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  1. FYI... That picture is of and belongs to Lexo of Lombardia, Italy.

    1. thank you OmegaZ, I have updated the acknowledgement.

  2. Such a willing Good girl...
    You seem to know your place.Now needing a deep,voiced experienced Master to obey,and cherish...Heels,stockings,crawling to him.Her wetness gains momentum with each breath nearer. Now in front of Master,her ass high,arms to elbows behind her back,her cheek to floor. she waits.... His large man hand now probing her deeply,Good you should be..Ready for him,and ...


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