Saturday, October 27, 2012

spanked on sunday afternoon

He folded her legs back over her shoulders. He raised his arm and with the flogger travelling behind the forward motion of the stroke she waited only a second for the connection of leather on her already reddened cheeks, on her thighs. The lengths of hard leather connected with her soft pink skin. The slickness growing with each stroke.

She laughed with delight at the sting on her skin.

She felt the relief wash over her.

Her Non-Dom hub had not raised his hand to her in months. Now in the warm afternoon sun of their bedroom he made her hot, wanton and lust filled before he fucked her.

Her husbands hand guiding the the leather

laughing at the deliciousness of the sting.

She could breathe again. Her body propelled forward, her breast bouncing, swaying. Her nipples hard and tortured.

photographer unknown. Sourced from the interweb

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  1. Nice that your non-dom hubby decided it was time to meet your needs.



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