Tuesday, October 23, 2012

phone call control

He called this morning.

I had been given a lovely task.
Today I was to cum 8 times with the aid of Mr Buzzy. Just when I was feeling all disconnected and Loosey Goosey-like.

I made it to 5 quite quickly and easily.
On my knees, Mr Buzzy doing his magic.
A text sent to the Outback told him:
One, Good morning Sir.
Two, an early start.
Three, quiet and gentle,
Four, loud and proud,
Five, hot on the heels of four and a little tired.
The next text to the Outback reported I was resting comfortably.

The phone rang. I looked on the caller ID to see with some glee that it was Him.

'Hello Sir!' in my happiest excited voice.

'Put the nipple clamps on and cum three more times. Now.'

The eighth had barely subsided when he demanded another.
I heard myself  beg him in a breathless sweaty voice, 'No, please, I can't.'
He is fond of saying, 'I don't care, DO IT!'
So again another one. Number 10 rolled in behind that...then he wanted one more!!!
I called him an unflattering name secure in the knowledge that he couldn't reach my arse from where he was. I will no doubt pay for my expletive when he returns. I may be lucky though. He may forget...or not ;).

'Put Mr Buzzy away now and don't touch it, or yourself ,until Friday. We may do this again if I decide you deserve it."

The nipple clamps had to stay on for another 15 minutes though he threatened to lengthen this if I gave him any more attitude. We talked while I waited the 15 minutes. The whip he was searching for, the length and shape he wanted. I asked him if I could request something. He has never denied me, not really, but maybe that's the kinky bitch in me needing everything he encourages me to need. I asked him if he would clamp my clit. 'Of course!' he said 'Good Girl' (oh heavenly words). I have never asked him for anything directly. I have hinted either by action or in word, but never really asked directly for him to hurt me, *do* things to me. His enthusiastic reply made me backtrack a little. He won't allow that. Once it is said, once the desire is made explicit, the need known, he will move all obstacles to *make it so number one*.


My left nipple cried in pain.

At the fifteen minute mark to the second according to his watch, which seemed a lot slower than the clock I was watching, he told me to take the clamps off my nipples.

'Right first.'



I screamed..it really hurt!


All in all though, an erotic start to my day.

photographer unknown. Source: internet


  1. Wow L this is just what you need when forced into the whole LDR thing (even for a while). Clit clamping is a wonderful thing........

    1. joolz, the seed for the nipple clamp placement was planted by you!


  2. Yes quite the way to start your day... delicious.
    I am not sure I could cum that many times... never say never right? :)

    1. Welcome Marimar. I have had a little look at your blog and I will be returning with great enthusiasm.
      Never say never...I never in my wildest dreams thought multiple was possible, until I let myself go and walked into the dark side.

  3. My, my my ... you really are a wonderful cum slut when allowed. LocalD is a very lucky man.



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