Friday, October 19, 2012

first meeting - written assignment

She was very nervous, excited and ready.

He lived so far away she guessed they would never meet. They had corresponded through the miles and over the last year. It began innocently enough. He contacted her with some innocent comment never meant to be anymore than a simple exchange that would be lost in time between them. She was taken with his openness and was humbled that He showed so much trust in her, so fundamentally at such an early juncture. It took her longer to give her trust entirely but now as she travelled to meet Him for the very first time she could think of nothing but giving everything to Him. Anything that he asked of her was His to have. She was His, body, mind and spirit.

He had travelled to her city for some business or another, but in that time He was making a weekend available for her. He had rented a small house on the beach in the south of her life in town. When she arrived He would be there. She imagined walking through door to finally meet the man she had come to know in every way but touch. She ached to know Him, please Him.

She arrived at the door and knocked lightly, suddenly nervous that she was standing in the open with only a short dress to comfort her modesty. As instructed she wore no bra or panties under the short red dress. Her hair hung curled around her shoulders and her feet too were naked but for the red of her painted toes. She knew He would strip her bare. She knew He would expose her for the slut she wanted to be, for the slut she knew she was and He knew it too. He had always seen it in her.

The door opened after she had waited there for minutes. Her eyes fell to the floor as He had said she was to do. She wasn't to look at him. The smell of sand and sea made her giddy and she could feel His height towering over her.

"Take your dress off."

A hesitation. She was on the doorstep. She was exposed, though the remote location gave her some comfort. She reached down and grasping her dress pulled it up over her head.

"Hand it to me."

With outstretched arm she offered the garment to him.

"This is Mine for the time you are here. You are Mine for all time. Do you understand?"

"Yes Daddy."

The excitement in her grew. She felt herself wet as she shivered a little on the doorstep. He reached forward and caressed her hair. His hand slid down her skin and cupped her breast squeezing slightly, pulling and pinching at her nipple making her wince slightly. His hands travelled behind her back. His fingers probed between her thighs. She opened her legs.

"You will not close your legs in my presence. Do you understand me young lady?"

"Yes Daddy."

"Good girl. Now you may look at me."

Her eyes met His as his finger slid inside her slick cunt. She gasped at this little pleasure He had allowed her. For a second she almost forgot she was still standing in the open. She flushed with embarrassment at the realisation of what she was doing. He pulled his fingers away and offered them to her mouth, tracing her lips with her own juices.


She took his finger in her mouth, tasting herself, her tongue feeling the smooth texture of each finger. Her scent travelled to her nostrils and she drank it in. Her nipples hardened in response to this display of ownership over her. He pulled her inside and she knelt as he bade her never taking her eyes from His.


As she crawled  ahead of him, he watch the rhythmic wiggle of her arse. He knew what was in store for that arse..if only she did, would she still be here? He knew that  she would of course even if she doubted it herself. He would teach her never to doubt herself. He would teach her never to deny herself. He would show her that she is at her best when she embraced herself freely and without reservation. In fact He would demand it and it started here, in this first weekend.

He sat in a large leather armchair. She was in front of Him. She was turned away with her back to Him, her face resting on the floor, her arms outstretched, knees wide apart and her round arse in the air, offered for His inspection. Her breath was ragged as she waited. Her puckered arse had been decorated with a sparkly bright toy readying her for Daddy's cock. Her pussy glistened in the sunshine entering through the windows. The clear blue sky and gentle sea breeze flowed through the window bringing with it the only sound she could hear, the ebb and flow of the sea waves rolling onto the beach outside the windows.

"Come here young lady."

He pulled her over his lap. Her embarrassment was complete. His hand began to warm her arse. Lightly at first, almost lovingly. The sting in her arse was building and she began to wiggle, squirm on His lap. As His blows got stronger the sweat grew on her brow. Relief came when He paused to check her state. Her slickness told the story of her reaction to His blows. He whispered in her ear. He whispered things that made His girl blush. He called her names. She was His slut, His good girl, His delicious little whore. The heat built in her cunt. The ache and throb in her pink wet flesh soon had her begging for His cock. She needed Him, she needed to be fucked. He continued to whisper to her,

"You are My needy little bitch. Squirming and writhing for Daddy's cock. You are My slut, My little good girl whore. Even so, I don't think you have earned it yet do you little slut?"

"No Daddy." she agreed in a ragged voice.

Tears welled in her eyes as her bottom became more and more reddened and bruised. She wiggled and squirmed on Daddy's lap. She was approaching distress but didn't want Daddy to stop. She loved the feeling of her bottom under His hand. She never wanted Him to stop, perhaps only to fuck her.

He pushed her off His lap to her knees. He bound her wrists and ankles and hogtied her. He stood, His cock straining against His trousers, His hand held her chin as He looked down at her.

"Now, open your mouth little one. You are going to please Daddy's cock. Then if you are very good my girl, Daddy's cock will replace that sparkly diamond in your puckered hole and Daddy will fuck your arse."

It occured to him that His slut was never so beautiful as now with watering eyes, her mascara smudged around them and her throat filled with cock. Her dark blond hair was twisted around His fist as He fucked her mouth and encouraged her gag. His power was clear as He blocked her breath with His shaft and when He allowed she gulped in the air that sustained her conciousness.

This is how their first meeting started. She was His. She was owned and she finally knew it, from the second she knocked lightly on the door.

unknown photographer. Source: the internet


  1. Very, very powerful. I like it very much.


  2. Stunning. I've read it again and again. Too breathless to comment. This is my dream.

  3. Bruce, Emen and Joolz - glad you enjoyed it ;) x


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