Sunday, October 21, 2012

adrift without a D to my s

I have been thinking after a quick read over on Vesta's blog and her post 'home coming'. It occurs to me that with Local D away and I am feeling a little homeless.  A little lost disjointed and disconnected. I am achy and pouty and bloody needy tonight. I feel a sense of displacement. There is no comfortable peace, just the frustration of waiting and wanting for a place to rest. 

The greedy lil girl can't take phone calls easily and Local D's work commitments means he is not readily contactable, although if I text he does text back within a few hours (not terrific when one is seeking permission to cum!). He is in such remote locations that he hasn't even got internet access!! there's my first world problem for today.

Non-Dom asked if Local D had gone away. I nodded and said I was a little stir crazy. I said I was missing the kiss of the flogger, the sting of his hand. To his credit, Non-Dom held me by the throat and kissed me hard..bringing a smile to the girls face and to a some degree bringing me home.

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  1. Ahh yes i get this, my Master is often away and in the most remote of places because of the work he does, and being completley selfish yes its bloody annoying when you need to seek permission for an orgasm.

    Maybe a way of avoiding the disconnection is perhaps having tasks to complete? something to focus on for when he gets back, maybe writing a scene you would like to do etc?

  2. It won't be easy, but I'm sure you will get through this. I do, however, wish I were closer to help you ;-)


  3. Hello,
    Yes I understand this too. Needing permission but wanting it NOW... I try to plan/ask in advance but my body doesn't really work to a timetable in this Difficult. x

  4. Nice that Non Dom held your throat and kissed you hard. A shame he doesn't give you the kiss of the flogger, too.


  5. i can understand how you are feeling, the loss you are experiencing...hopefully you will get through it...that was so sweet of Non Dom giving you a little taste but as FD says pity he didnt go that little bit further for you...smiles

    blossom x


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