Sunday, September 2, 2012


I have considered before the face slap. Lil got me thinking again in her post I need you to hit me about the face slap. My thoughts about the face slap have not changed. I am an unashamed face slap slut. Quite seriously if this is all that Local D did to me I would forever live in bliss. The slapped face has the ability to take me to that dreamy place. As I gaze into his eyes I can see him reading me, I can see him taking me there to that dreamy place. The face slap takes my breath away, it makes me gasp and then break into smiles of delight. He does not use it as a corrective measure but he does use it to subdue his girl. This sick lil bitch can't get enough of the face slap.

I wonder why it remains such a contentious issue in ttwd? Isn't the act of the face slap just another tool in an arsenal of tools designed to deepen submission and lets face it (sorry for the pun), thrill a Dom/me to see their subbie react in whatever way they might? I find it an unusual argument to align the discussion of the face slap with the conditions of family and domestic violence. Sub women and men in ttwd - bdsm  are consensually engaged in many acts which the mainstream (vanilla) world would view as abuse.

I would argue that statements about women being elevated to strong, beautiful beings, venerated by their Doms for their gift of submission, might be viewed as an expression of the battered wife or even Stockholm syndrome in the vanilla world. So why is the face slap sometimes placed in a different category to say a caned bottom left with bruising, welts and in some cases broken skin?

The key is consent, as with everything in ttwd. The face slap is no more abuse in a consensual relationship than the cane, or a hand spanking. There appears to be an agreement that the power of the act is different in some way. A suggestion has been made that the face slap is 'personal'. It's meaning holds a different and perhaps deeper resonance to the individual receiving the slap.  I have noticed though the struggle that women have in accepting the face slap as a 'normal' part of ttwd. Maybe it's this difference of power imbued in the act that encourages questions of it's legitimacy; that the face slap is an act which is abuse.

Todays picture is a bit flippant and is not design to resemble uncontrolled, non-consensual abuse in any way ;).



  1. It is all about cnsent as you said. If you just slapped your sub without first finding out how she felt about it, you may get slapped back...grins...

    I love the picture by the way. Very "cheeky"...


  2. Sorry as usual I'm trying to catch up. I can't even catch up with you on Talk when I'm right there.

    And I still feel dumb commenting late even tho you said it's okay :)

    The face slap is not trying to knock me out or slap me down or hurt me. The face slap is look at me, be here now, you can't waste this time.

    I will easily fall off into forever. But it won't last forever. The face slap is I must be here now. Is him not letting me make instant memories but be here now.

    That is the ultimate submission for me because I'm too afraid that all I'll have is memories.

    1. Fabulous take on it Emen and so very true. The immediacy of the face slap may be what is different.

      x L

  3. When the slap is still warm on the slut's face she can't think about anything else. I had a subslut several years ago who squirted when she was faceslapped. One can't be more in the "here and now" than a squirting orgasm. She was so thankful she kissed my feet.


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