Saturday, September 1, 2012

good vibrations

I am still basking in all the good feelings from yesterday.

There needs to be a word to express it,

how I feel,

particularly about you at times like this.

I feel close.

A groovy kind of feeling.

I love it.

It feels special, not awkward at all.

Just where I should be having been intimate with a man not my own.

It's better than previous times.

Its not as elevated as it was those other times.

Its a kind of peaceful assurance that all is as it should be.

It is a feeling that you have brought me too.

It's nice.

John Austin 1992. Source: Internet



  1. That's probably how it should be and maybe it just takes time to get there? Jxx

  2. Oh Love, thank you. You can make a raging torrent of desire in my self. And you can lay such peace upon my soul.

  3. its hard to get that word that expresses how one feels at times like this...but enjoy basking in the delicious feelings you are experiencing...smiles

    blossom x

  4. thanks Joolz and Blossom..i will enjoy


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