Wednesday, September 5, 2012

a D session (part two)

He sat on the chair. She stood in front of him. One heeled foot at a time she placed her foot on the chair just millimeters from his groin. One by one he strapped the cuffs on her ankles.

"On your knees."

She knelt in front of Him and offered her wrists. Left then right to receive their bindings. He picked up the black leather collar with red stitching. It had a perfectly round silver gleaming metal O ring in front. She had come to call this her collar, accepting it as hers over the last few months.  She had resisted it at first, not entirely sure about her own submission. Now during these times she felt naked without it, without her pretty collar. She bowed her head as he wrapped it around her neck buckling it behind her. Not too tightly. He preferred to be able to slide his fingers between the collar and her neck. He was able to exert more than enough physical control over her that way. On her knees she climaxed for him and he'd easily throw her backward arching her back and her torso, bringing her to a sudden and jolting stop as he prevented her from falling to the ground with a strong hand slipped between her soft flesh and her collar.

Now she knelt before him hogtied, her wrists cuffed to her ankles. She looked expectantly into his eyes. He reached into his bag and  pulled from it the things she hated the most; clover clamps hung with a short chain and a ring on each end and the stingy crop. Then he pulled out the thing she loved most, the buzzy magic wand that made her come within seconds of him applying it to her slut pussy. Fear and delight filled her in one moment.

In silence he took one nipple at a time between his fingers attacking them with the bite of the clamp. The pain shot through each breast. Her nipples were hard even though she hated the clamps. She was never very good with nipple clamps...well they just hurt.

"I was 2 minutes late, really only 1 minute, but by the time you opened the door it was 2." she pouted.

"What did My watch tell you honey, when I showed it to you?"

"It showed me 3 minutes past the time You said"

"..and what is 3 minus 2 honey?"

"One Sir,"

"So either way honey, you were still late."

His logic made no sense to her. She pouted. The slap came hard and fast across her cheek. A gasp escaped her but she could feel herself wet in an instant. She steadied herself as he threaded the rings that hung on the end of each clamped nipple with the shaft of the crop. Her eyes widened and a small smile travelled across her face joining the glint in her bright eyes.

He raised the crop carefully. She could feel the torture on her sensitive nipples just the same.

"Open your mouth."

She opened, at once becoming aware of what he was doing. He placed the crop shaft between her teeth.

"Hold it."

He picked up the buzzy wand and held it to her cheek.

"Now, you will hold the shaft in your mouth, you will not drop it and My girl, you will not come."

He flicked the switch, and pressed the vibrating magic to her wet cunt. Her neck arched back with the feeling she could barely contain, pulling on the clamps with a searing pain through her nipples.

She knew she would try everything not to be late in the future...or maybe not she smiled to herself.

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  1. Replies
    1. thanks plb..its was a fun moment to experience, though I am not sure that was the intent...hmm well yes I am, Local D seems very keen that I continue to have fun.


  2. These two parts are two of my favorite posts ever.

    More, please?

    1. Emen, I'm very glad you enjoyed these little exerpts from the latest D session. I will have to see about getting some more down in in this space. xx


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