Sunday, September 9, 2012

a D session (part three)

Minutes ran by her.

Sweat beaded on her brow and between her breasts.

He had not allowed her to cum. Her predicament amusing Him too much. She always looked at her most precious when her face was contorted in need. The buzz of the magic wand on her clit made her needy in a way that showed most clearly in her eyes.

He watched her,  kneeling hogtied in front of Him, the crop shaft between her teeth supporting the metal rings that pulled on the clover nipple clamps. Her nipples and breasts stretched, twisted and pulled with each back thrust of her neck as her eyes rolled and travelled to the ceiling. The ecstasy of her slut pussy driving her writhing as she tried desperately not to cum without His say so.

He got hard watching His slut as she tried to master her predicament. As she wriggled and squirmed. Tension building quickly in her slut cunt and whore body. She was so beautiful and becoming more so with each time He had her.

He could see her coming close, it didn't take long with this tool. Her cunt ached for it. Wet for it. Was a whore for it. He slid His large rough fingers between the black leather collar and her soft flesh. He had only recently placed the collar on her. She had not been easy to 'collar' even though it was just for play. She had been nervous of the power of this small piece of leather. She had come to it over time and He had been very patient, almost too patient He thought to Himself. He wanted to explore this lilone though and He knew she was skittish. She had needed the time He gave her to trust Him. His patience was rewarded with her submission to Him. Though He remained cautious and He had not pushed her as far as He might until now, she met His challenges each time. She had not only acquiesced to His demands but she went further, driven not by her conscious mind, but pushed by her visceral need. She was hungry, insatiable and unashamed. She was perfect.

She was building, becoming desperate, drooling with the crop shaft between her teeth. He knew she'd hate that. She struggled with the acceptance of the loss of control over her body entirely. He knew any moment she would make a decision that He would not like. He loved it when she gave Him an excuse. Then it happened, the crop fell from her teeth pulling with it the chains that lead to her swollen nipples. The shaft was blocked from its inevitable descent by His forearm as he worked the wand into her slut pussy. Their eyes met. Hers filled with trepidation at the unknown consequence of a failed instruction. His told a story of a satisfaction that filled her with foreboding. He threw her backwards clasping the collar tightly in His fingers. She let out a gasp and a whimper as the paraphernalia attached to her nipples pulled and twisted in tortuous climax. He brought her to a sudden holt inches from the floor. Her back arched and her cunt exposed to Him for His pleasure, His rag doll whore could barely contain herself. She was losing all ability to control anything of herself . She gave in, fell, she was His in that moment.

"Pleasepleaseplease. May I cum. Please?" She pleaded with Him. Not really knowing how she would stop the energy escaping her cunt if He disallowed it's relief.

"Please what?" His calm slow voice drove her desperation.

"PleaseSirmayIcumnow?" Tears welling in her pleading eyes.


The fury washed over her and through her. He body, arched back and supported only by His strong arm contorted in it's ecstasy. His hand slid to her clenching pink flesh, pushing into her as she clenched around him. She screamed her ecstasy to Him. She was His in every way in that moment. She loved Him, worshipped Him, needed Him and His command in every part of her existence and fibre. Tears flooded her eyes as He pulled her forward like the rag doll she had become. His control, His embrace, His voice, His girl.

"good girl."

photographer unknown, source:intranet


  1. Best Trilogy since The Dark Awesome.

  2. Absolutely. So hot. Have saved it off so I can read it start to "finish".

    "She is perfect."

    He's not bad either.

  3. thanks all
    jfv - hmmm the dark knight? that made me giggle, I don't think I have seen it but seems an appropriate title for the trilogy ;)

    Joolz and Emen - thank you. and Emen I hope you enjoy reading them all together (lets hope they make sense and inconsistencies are at a bare minimum, they were written on different days.)


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